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Paula D at Pedigo Park

Late this morning Paula and I met at Pedigo Park (a Livingston city park) for a picnic lunch. We found a picnic shelter close to the park entrance, under some large trees. Not only were we well shaded but there also was a wonderful breeze. It was just about perfect. This was our last chance to visit before she hits the road again.

Paula was full of stories about some bizarre dealings with Motel 6 and the Livingston Municipal Library. The motel’s internet connection had failed late Friday and they refused to give her a full refund for the days she would not be staying there. They had all kinds of excuses, none of which made sense. Since she had paid with her credit card, she is going to take up the matter with the bank. Good internet service is critical for her online business.

When she went to the library to find out why she had not received her library card, they said that it had been returned to them as undeliverable. Even though the card was right there in front of them, they would not let her have it. She pointed out that she had already paid for the card and had shown proof of her identity and mailing address. She also told them that she had voted and that her address hadn’t been an issue at the polls. That didn’t matter; they simply would not hand the card to her. That’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard of in a long time!

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