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From the balcony again

The day started badly and for a while went down the toilet, if I can use that analogy.

Firstly J was up in the early morning with diarrhoea- maybe caused by something he ate. So toast and tea for breakfast for him.

Next S’s car was completely dead, so Panagiotis sent his man to jump start it. After a 15 minute drive to charge the battery they left it. J was resting so we decided to give the morning away and hopefully do some things in the afternoon. So about 1 we all headed out to S’s car - you guessed it - completely dead. Another phone call and Panagiotis said he would send his man, then come to the airport and get another car. Then another call - “I will bring you a new car, OK?” So 20 mins later a newer and slightly car arrived. So all was good.

BUT, then J &C ‘s toilet wouldn’t flush! Call to Telis who arrived in his Terios to fix it. He soon came down to the foyer and told us he was adding a million euros to our bill. Small issue with the flusher but easily fixed.

So about 2 we headed to Potamos and had a (very ) light lunch. Hard local goats cheese, tzadziki, bread, cold drinks. J had some dry bread and a few morsels of cheese, just in case!

We then ventured forth in search of the Agia Triada church where J, S, K’s grand mother and her siblings were baptised. After 5 minutes walking along laneways and through archways, they could see the church, and 10 mins later we arrived. A small church and very old. On a corner with building materials and other junk on one side (courtesy of next door neighbour) and a few straggly pine trees close by.

K ventured around the back and there was a key in the lock - the door was opened and we went in. It certainly was an old church - old and faded paintings of saints, a section of the original wall frescoes remaining, tiled floor, and many other very old paintings and icons. We suspect only a few people still attend the church. We were all pleased to add another piece of information to the family history.

Then out to the Potamos cemetery (funny way to spend a holiday I hear people say!) to see if we could find any ancestors. Probably not - however the graves are mainly family crypts that might hold numerous remains, and the older ones may no longer be mentioned as new marble cladding and fancy statues and other bits are added. Anyway, there many names here that appear in the family tree.

It was now getting late so we returned to the hotel and then to the beach for a refreshing swim. The water was quite warm, and although there were still a number of people there, it wasn’t crowded.

Tea was again on the esplanade overlooking the harbour and boats - Almyra. We again ordered a variety of dishes to share. K gave the young waiter a stir about a few things and he wasn’t sure at first, but then laughed. When J had placed the order, he asked if the waiter thought it was enough. He said “it depends how much you want” which was a perfectly reasonable response.

Without wanting to bore you with lists of food, we had fava, olive croquettes, beetroot salad, fries, pastitsio, and Almyra salad.

Then some of us tried some ice cream at a little cafe/cake shop a bit further along.

We leave tomorrow, so a little packing and it was time for bed.

What can possibly go wrong tomorrow.

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