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No internet yesterday evening. Where to start.....Jordan is bordered by Israel, Saudi Arabia, with Egypt across the Red Sea which is a very narrow portion. Easily accessible by a small boat.

We got on the bus and drove up the coast and saw the places to scuba dive with coral reefs just off the beach. There is an entire divers village. Hotel complexes all in the color of sand, some with turrets. Then there would be a burst of color with flowers growing on the fence line and in enormous hanging pots.

Along the highway there was a cement barrier with paintings. Not the typical graffiti but by children of various degrees of talent and some that showed real potential. When I asked about them it is a club called The Children’s Tourist Friends Club. They are being groomed to work in the tourist industry and it was one of their projects. The modern highway is only for tourist buses and cars. All commercial trucks use a different highway.

Next we headed downtown, our guide, who was a very talkative young woman who grew up in Aqaba convinced the driver and security officer to let us all off the bus and walk a block or two through the souq (market). What an experience. Stores piled with flip flops, rugs, shawls,toys, incense burners, laundry, it was an enormous area so filled with things to see, smell, and hear I would have been happy to spent several hours there. The last stretch was food. Vegetables are grown in the area, what looked like 5 pound heads of cabbage, green onion, radish bundles with 30 in a bunch, well just everything you could want. The meat market had small butchered goats and sheep hanging in coolers. The heads were attached. Later it was explained that people could tell what region they were raised in and for some it made a difference. Our guide said it all tasted the same to her. The fish market had almost every fish I’d ever heard of. Then a vender told us to wait and he brought out an eel head the size of a bowling bowl with those big sharp teeth. I will never scuba dive if there is a possibly of encountering one.

Next was a archaeological dig site in town next to a five star hotel. The last one in Aqaba.

To be continued......

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