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is the sun coming back?

As expected, since we didn't have to deal with time zone changes, our sleep deprivation was easily remedied with one good night's sleep. Unpacking in the motor home was as challenging as packing in our tiny cruise ship cabin. We have to do a synchronized dance as we move around each other, trying to put things away in the same small spaces. In our long Florida stay, we've spread out quite a bit into the shed and executive suite and it will be a challenge to cram everything back into the motor home and car annex, despite how big they are. Our clothes were filthy. When a fellow ship passenger told us he paid $40 to get some underwear laundered, we decided that we would make do with things as they were. At home the dirty clothes could have been dealt with in 2 - 3 loads, but here with my petite washing machine, it took 1-½ days to get it all clean again. But no complaints. It's so nice to be able to do laundry here rather than spending an afternoon in a dingy laundromat.

We had a number of welcome interruptions as friends stopped by to say Hi and hear about Antartica. They blamed us for bringing the cold and wet weather back with us, which we have had here for the last few days. It would have bothered me a lot if we were here for a precious week of spring break as many people's grandchildren are, but it motivated us to get our chores done, so we can play again when the sunshine returns. We made the long trek to Costco about an hour away and laid in supplies for the trip back north. We also visited a State Farm agent to see whether it is worth insuring the small building on the lot we purchased here last June. We learned that State Farm will not insure anything east of Rt.1, which doesn't affect us, but is very close by and in some places the location of beautiful seafront homes. Even with all the bundling discounts we qualified for, the insurance price was breathtaking, because our little building is flimsy and we are not here all year to supervise it. We may just have to go with a "fingers crossed" insurance policy.

When the rain stops Ken has many mechanical chores as he checks and prepares the motor home for the long trip north, which will begin next month.

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