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Beanbag Baseball Board (chairs behind it are the bases)

Large Koi in Campground Pond

Yogi and Staff

Kids Ready for Ride

Our site is close enough to the rec center that we can watch the comings and goings. It's Saturday morning, and all the weekend kids are gathered there. Yogi just showed up, and they are taking turns hugging him while parents snap photos. Some of the little ones are understandably hesitant. After all, this Yogi stands about 7 feet tall! During the weekdays, the rec center belongs to the winter Texans, but on the weekends it's just for kids, and is the main stage for crafts, movies, games, rocket launches (outside), etc. I went over there yesterday a half hour early again to get in some much-needed practice before beanbag baseball. I was able to hit all the bases, though not consistently. When we started playing, I was my usual horrible self. I'm wondering if having an audience (and team members counting on me) is freaking me out a bit. After striking out for the umpteenth time, I sat back down, thinking that I just need to give up and stop playing. After all, I could spend that 2 hours painting. Then, on my next turn, I hit a home run! There was no one on base, so just 1 run, but I was thrilled. I got to high-five my teammates before stepping on home base. My 2 minutes of glory, probably never to be repeated, but still… Bill hit several bases on his tries. Some of the early winter Texans (that came late Fall) have already left. Several more will be leaving at the end of the month, including Randy and Karen. We're still hoping to have a warm enough day to play mini-golf with them before they leave (they hate the persistent cool and windy weather). I'm trying every day to get a better shot at the pair of red shouldered hawks that have been here for the past few weeks. I haven't seen either of them for several days, but friends say they've seen them, so I'll keep bringing the good camera down to the river trail. In fact, it's already 10:30, and time for our first big walk of the day. Wish me luck!

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