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We are back in hot weather! Hooray! Took the comforter off the bed.

Today is game day. Unfortunately, just as I logged in to WIFI, I got a text from my sister to say that our mom was really sick and headed to ER with a probable admit to the hospital. She kept me posted on events all during the game. The game was a real nail biter until Oklahoma finally pulled it off. I was vindicated! Though we will probably have steaks together anyway. Anyway, what with that and texts from from my sister, I was pretty much a wreck by the end of the day.

We had driven through the entire campground earlier in the day. It really is huge, with a couple of lakes, a pool, several playgrounds, a lodge, a tent area and several large RV areas. We were really looking forward to spending some time here.

In all, what with the repair delay and now this, we were able to spend all of 2 nights in our allotted 11 nights in the campground. Unfortunately, we didn't even get any pictures.

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