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View over Wellington habour

CBD Seafront

Verena from Germany

The Embassy Theatre - deluxe movie experience

Wellington movie capital?

Ped only

Not much going on here


The "Urinal" as the locals call it... Not it's real name :-)


Wild Wild West

Glass Building

Te Papa [Our Place] National Museum

Museum Hotel was moved 120 m. in 1993

Old and new mix in Wellington

Youngsters with padles


Brewery (at last)

Industry Habour


More art

Nice place to have your batch

Close-up of the huge cargo cranes

Building and renovating the habourfront

What exactly is that?

I love this - an old street lamp with a modern windspeed...

Whales are popular inspiration for art projects

Anyone for a swim? It's Christmas you know...

Ha Ha

A bridge

Don't go jumping anywhere

Another whale arts project

Did I mention art is a BIG thing in Wellington?

Kids playing cricket - yes, cricket not "rundbold"

Iron palm trees...

Very San Francisco inspired

Another pink building?

Again San Francisco.. Am I really in New Zealand?

Statue on street

More glass in the CBD district

What a chick!

Waiting for someone..?

I'm sure that bus took a wrong turn somewhere

Finaly some Christmas decorations

Not much, but it counts

Old and new mix in Wellington

The local Christmas tree

"The Beehive" or New Parliament Building

Old and New mix in Wellington


The old parliament building

Have no idear what this is, it's not a church

New and old mix in Wellington

The Library

Look up

Wellington Cathedral

Another old guy

Nice flower

No Christmas dogs

"The Beehive"

Strong boats for the rough strait


Policeboat with pretty powerful twin outboards

Art or ?


Art - again

Kayaks under crane

Best picture ever

Colourful kayaks

Ferry to Picton in the background



Habour for yacts


Most unnatural photo ;-)

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 777 K)

Glaedelig jul til familien i Danmark

(MP4 - 1.65 MB)

Special Christmas Greeting to Nebia in Dubai and all of Tacoma USA

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

There's no escaping it now. It's the 24'Th of December, Christmas Eve, and that's as good as it gets. My wonderful family sent me a big box full of presents, Christmas Cards and candles? I love the cigars and the "Nissehue" (Christmas hat?)

Yesterday the weather was unbelievable rough, we had thunderstorms and lightning all day long. And today the sky is clear and it's warm. But, Wellington is also known as the City of Wind, and today we got quite a lot of it.. Not a problem though :-)

I am staying at the Nomads Capital hostel downtown, and what a nice place. It's in an old, but very newly renovated, English building with white ornaments in the ceiling and very high standard. Almost like an upmarket hotel... Very cool (and cheap) $18 pr. night!!!

So what's Wellington like?

It's most definitely a small big-city, but it's the most southern Capital in the world. Wellington was the main filming and production location for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong! So the local are very proud of their city.

With over 350 restaurants, bars and cafes, Wellington has more eateries per capita than New York! And they love to go out, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There's no such thing as a quiet night in Wellington.

Yesterday night I treated myself with a bit of luxury... I went to the Embassy, bought the best seat in the house for King Kong and a small bottle of real French Champagne and popcorn for the movie. That was a nice experience. Leather seat and table for the glass and bottle. Very cool.

Tonight I'll go to the annual Midnight Christmas Concert and Carols in Wellington Cathedral, where I performed with Roskilde Cathedral Boys choir in 2004. That should be good.

Tomorrow on Christmas Day I'm going out with a bunch of guys from England so that should be fun too.

That's it, for now.

See the videos, they're small in size, see the photos and please leave me a message.

Best wishes to all


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