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Carpe Diem at Brookings (SD) WalMart

Quintessential Iowa sight

Ethanol plant in northern Iowa
What isn't in the photo are the huge...

Welcome to South Dakota

Construction on I 29 north if Sioux Falls

Fri, 28 Jul: Back on the move...

We've been in Forest City for a full four weeks and it is time to get moving again. We moved Carpe Diem four times, but never more than a few hundred meters at a time. Our diesel likes to get warmed up now and again, so here we go!

We got up a tad after six thanks largely to an inconsiderate neighbor who insisted on running his engine at high idle for an extended period and slamming every door on his RV at least twice. These new diesels don't need to be idled for a long time, but some idiots don't seem to have gotten the word.

Anyway, we enjoyed our morning tea, breakfast, cleaned up, and got the coach and car ready for the road. As is our practice after being parked for a while, we went thru our check lists with extra care to ensure that nothing got missed. Once the car was connected and brakes/lites checked, Bob drove from the rally grounds to Forest City's Pammel Park to dump our holding tanks and top up our fresh water.

After tending to those chores we rolled wheels at 0913. North thru town on US 69 and then west on IA 9. That took us all the way to the South Dakota border where the road becomes SD 42. We picked up the loop I 229 and then local streets to the Costco, where we arrived at 1252. Of course lunch at Chez Costco Food Court, and then some shopping for "Only Costco has them" items.

Back on the road @ 1348 to I 29 north another 58 miles to Brookings SD, where we found a nice spot in the corner of the WalMart parking lot. Today's numbers are: 230 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8¼ mpg. Alas, we discovered to our discomfort that the dash air conditioning has quit working—again!!! We just had it repaired in May to big $$$s, so this does not make us happy (or chilled out) campers.

We'll stay here overnite and continue north toward Fargo ND, tomorrow's destination. The weather is warming up so we may forgo our plan of boondocking at WalMart in favor of finding an RV park with electricity. Or, we may just run our generator for electricity and air conditioning.

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