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Another Rong House

Rong House detail

Next to Rong House

Gazebo at Bien Ho Lake

Bien Ho Lake

Coffee at Java coffee in Pleiku

Minh Thanh Pagoda, Pleiku



Lunch by Khu Du Lich Lake in Ea Drăng

Dakruco Hotel, Buon Ma Thuot

We started the day by visiting another Rong house with people who had missed them the previous evening. The detail of the ladder entrance was fascinating. There was a small bridge nearby and we established that it was wide enough for a classic car to pass a bike.

We drove through a pretty market garden area before stopping at Bien Ho Lake in a former volcanic crater for our first leg stretch and coffee. There was a better coffee later at ‘Java Coffee’ in Pleiku, a small town. The main reason for stopping there was to visit the Minh Thanh Pagoda - see photographs oF the Pagoda and of the Phoenix carving on the roof.

The next diversion was to a restaurant beside a lake for which I had found good reviews. When we got there we found that Tracey (the agent in Vietnam) and her team had organised us a deal on the meal which was delicious and good value. the restaurant was in buildings on legs over the lake.

The Dakruco Hotel is a very modern building in the centre of town. We were advised that there was no other possibility of a restaurant and dinner was a buffet organised in the hotel. Buon Ma Thuot is in the centre of a coffee growing area but we were too tired to go to the recommended cafe to sample different types of coffee. Some reviews on-line were less than complimentary and suggested that its name: Trung Nguyen Village Coffee, was pretentious as 'there was nothing village about it'! Of course we cannot comment as we didn't go there. There was a good bathroom for getting the laundry done and the car was cleaned.

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