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When a cruise ship stops in Labadee, it stops in Haiti, but you would never know it. This little spit of land has been leased by Royal Caribbean who has turned it into an idyllic beach experience. You could be anywhere tropical. Zip lines run from the coastal hillsides along the beach for about half a mile providing great views for the zippers and a background of their screams for sun bathers lallygaggling along the shore. You can rent a wave rider or go on a snorkeling trip. At noon the ship's crew lugs a giant BBQ lunch to shore so you can renew your strength for more lallygaggling. You can play beach volleyball or rent a cabana. An experience that Walt Disney would approve of.

Except for one small corner where vendors sell handicrafts or offer to braid your hair, you would have no idea where you are. A few locals lurk nearby on fishing boats, but they aren't allowed to come anywhere near us. Perhaps this is reassuring to our fellow cruisers who have become terrified about much of the rest of the world by fake news sources.

We enjoy being here every time we come; it's such a beautiful spot. But overall we prefer to meet and mingle with the locals who were not allowed inside our little piece of paradise within their country.

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