Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Maybe you can't see them, but the crowds on the other side...

Lots of cheese, all sorts

Honey, works out at $30 per kg, mine is $15

Christine not buying something at a boot sale

Hanging out the washing - the photo is a bit blurry as...

We explored a local market that had so many stalls. It also had so many people so we expect "local" might be relative. It was interesting being in the thick of it. Such a crush. Most seemed to be Frecnh tourists visiting the 'country'. Lots of antiques, Chris read that it is the biggest antique market outside Paris. Lots of food. We had to park a fair way off. After other experiences losing the car we drew a map of where we left it, took photos on the way and wrote down street names (where we could find them) and other features. Yes we got back to it ok. Washing clothes was the order of the day when we got back. I have a cold now and so Chris got to hang the washing out. She came in for a cup of tea and went back out after it to bring the washing in. The wind is so ferocious. The forecast is for another 2 days and then a break from it.

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