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Margaret and Donna


Sandy Handing Out Treats

Sheila and JoAnn

This morning several of my Silver Sneakers classmates wore special Halloween clothes. Two of them even brought treats. Lisa, our instructor, brought a special CD of Halloween-themed songs.

This afternoon during my visit with my chiropractor we discussed the type pillow I need. My old pillow is beyond help! He suggested a waterbase pillow because the firmness can be adjusted to meet each individual’s needs. A deep cushion of hypoallergenic Fiberfill rests over the water layer and a thermal insulator surrounds the water layer. It cost $65, which is no more than what I would have expected to pay for a good-quality regular one. In three independent clinical studies conducted at Logan College of Chiropractic and Johns Hopkins University it was rated best in five categories. I hope it will reduce my back and neck pain. []

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