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For the last 35 years my sister and I have lived 800 miles apart. We see each other maybe once a year and try to stay in touch by phone. Recently FaceTime has enhanced our communication, but there's nothing better than being able to give each other a big hug. A public park a few miles from her home has a great campground and makes it easy to visit by motor home without burdening her. Whenever we visit, her daughters and their significant others make an effort to spend the weekend as well and we have enjoyed a son-in-law who shares many of Ken's computer interests and their children. This weekend we met the newest son-in-law and are looking forward to the post-wedding party they are throwing near their home in Charleston a few weeks from now. This weekend we had a chance to get to know him in an intimate setting. We hear that the party may include everyone he has ever met.

My sister cooked and cooked and we hung out and played games. Everyone came to the campground to see our new motor home and run around in the park. I got to see our niece's new home in Charlotte and visit her children's school. Now when I hear stories about things that they do, it will be easy to visualize where they are happening.

Ken left early to attend a Freightliner chassis seminar in Gaffney and once the kids all left my sister and I had some quality time to chat, reminisce and catch up. A special time.

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