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Lake Louise, AB - Lake Louise Trailer - site 17

Lake Louise, AB - Lake Louise Trailer - site 17, another view

Lake Louise, AB - Lake Louise Trailer - site 17, and another

Jasper to Lake Louise, AB 0 - our route - 144 miles

Jasper to Lake Louise, AB 1 - we left under overcast skies

Lake Louise, AB 2

Lake Louise, AB 3

Lake Louise, AB 4

Lake Louise, AB 5

Lake Louise, AB 6

Lake Louise, AB 7

Lake Louise, AB 8

Jasper to Lake Louise, AB 9 - Bow Lake - it's much...

Lake Louise, AB 10

Lake Louise, AB 11

Bow Lake Trip 1 - headed back north under the bright sun

Bow Lake Trip 2

Bow Lake Trip 3

Bow Lake Trip 4

Bow Lake Trip 5

Bow Lake Trip 6 - Crowfoot Glacier

Bow Lake Trip 7 - Bow Glacier

Bow Lake Trip 8 - Bow Lake under blue skies - much...

Bow Lake Trip 9

Bow Lake Trip 10

Bow Lake Trip 11 - at the end of Bow Lake, you...

Bow Lake Trip 12 - close-up of Crowfoot Glacier, still very large

Bow Lake Trip 13 - Peyto Lake - a magnificent view down...

Bow Lake Trip 14 - another shot a bit farther back

Bow Lake Trip 15 - you can see the glacier that feeds...

Bow Lake Trip 16 - a closer shot of the glacier

Bow Lake Trip 17 - water from the glacier enters on the...

Bow Lake Trip 18 - doesn't look like much but then we...

Bow Lake Trip 19 - the sign outside Lake Louise Village as...

Bow Lake Trip 20 - the small shopping center is always packed

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 1 - view of Bow Glacier from the...

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 2 - view of the southern part of...

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 3 - the trail along the lakeshore

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 4 - Bow Glacier

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 5

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 6

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 7 - the lodge where the trail starts...

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 8

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 9 - Bow Glacier again

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 10 - Bow Glacier Falls

Bow Glacier Falls Trail 11 - another shot of Bow Glacier, we...

It was a 144 mile trip back down the Icefields Parkway to Lake Louise from Jasper, about half of it in the rain. The road was just as rough going south as it was going north! They are working on refinishing the highway but so far they have only done from Lake Louise to about 30 miles north. I would guess it will take them three or four years to get to Jasper. We did see a few glaciers we hadn't seen while traveling north so there are a few pictures of the trip.

We are staying at the trailer campground in the Lake Louise portion of Banff National Park. We have 30 amp electric only so we arrived with a full fresh water tank and empty waste tanks. We do have cellular service here but not the best, texting seems to work OK at times but data is very slow and almost unusable which is no big loss since we don't use it much anyway. Fortunately we were able to get a satellite lock from the roof but just for SD again, no HD.

Thursday we woke to blue skies for a change. We have had some rain almost every day since we got to Banff. It was also 43F degrees about 7:00 a.m. We then took Misty back to Calgary to catch her plane back to Maryland. It has been great having her with us for the last two weeks. We dropped her off at noon but her plane was late leaving and she didn't get to Baltimore until midnight Eastern time and then had an hour drive to her house in Poolesville.

Friday was another bright, blue day so we headed back up the Icefields Parkway to Bow Lake and Peyto Lake. They really looked a lot better in the sunshine but you can be the judge of that when you look at the pictures. It was Doris' birthday and we didn't do much else, she didn't even want to eat out!

We returned to the Bow Lake area Saturday and hiked about half of the Bow Glacier Falls Trail. The whole trail is right at six miles round trip and we knew when we started that was not doable but Doris did really well around the lakeshore and we walked most of the way around the lake before turning back. It was a beautiful day and the lake was gorgeous. There was a pretty stiff wind at times so that kept us cool as well.

We didn't do much the rest of our stay at Lake Louise but enjoy the cool mornings and warm afternoons. It did rain a bit on Monday and Tuesday so we were glad we had already done everything we wanted earlier. "Making hay while the sun shines" is a very appropriate statement for this area, at least this time of year this year!

Tomorrow, we head back into the USA to St. Mary, MT where we will be staying at the St. Mary-Glacier Park KOA until September 11. I will not be able to get this entry posted until we arrive there as WiFi has been non-existent here. It will be good to get back online again with our own MiFi.

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