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The countryside is just beautiful!


The small town of Crestet


There are many turnoffs for a picnic or just to stop and...


Many bicyclers were out on this Saturday

Dentelles de Montmirail - a small range with very jagged edges.



There must have been a motorcycle rally. They came by in groups...

A nut

Distant mountain ranges

We were up in the mountains

More of those jagged edges

We stopped here for lunch


Les Coquelicotes - the only restaurant in town

No Pizza!?!?


Interesting display

Great lunch

Interesting presentation - right in the can.

It was very good.

Anne's goat cheese & trapanned wrapped in phiyloo dough.

AND dessert too.

Great open air restaurant

A bell tower in the tiny village of Suzette



Outside of town

ROAR! - watch the movie

Dinner back at our inn


We are getting to be like the French - eating all the...

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We got an earlier start today and headed out on a 30 mile circular tour that is called “The Cotes du Rhone Wine Road.” Most of the route was on country roads with just one road skirting the small town of Crestet where we stopped for just a moment. The best sights were at the Le Col de la Chaine Mountain Pass. From the vantage point, we could view the Dentelles de Montmirail - a small range with very jagged edges. As we viewed these mountains from the side of the road, we were passed by motorcycles driving at break-neck speeds. We had to dodge the motorcycles as we headed to Col de Suzette where we planned to eat lunch.

Les Coquelicotes in Col de Suzette was the only restaurant and was very good. We enjoyed the creative menu including sardines and tomatoes served in the sardine can! The dessert was amazing. Tom observed that the French spend much of their time eating and taking their time doing so. After a quick walk up the hill to the tiny village, we headed back to the car and toward our paradise at the inn in Provence. Back in our room, Tom found it very relaxing to sit on the chaise lounge on the balcony and just listen to the birds and the church bells as they chimed out the hours. We had another wonderful meal in the inn’s dining room and retired to sleep on our last night in Seguret.

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