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Ishpeming, MI - Country Village RV Park - site 73

Ishpeming, MI - Country Village RV Park - site 73, another view

Ishpeming, MI - Country Village RV Park - site 73, and another

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 0 - our route - 207...

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 1 - on the bridge going...

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 2 - more construction

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 3 - entering Michigan

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 4 - it's a little hillier...

Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI 5 - it's been a while...

Läkenenland 1

Läkenenland 2

Läkenenland 3

Läkenenland 4

Läkenenland 5

Läkenenland 6

Läkenenland 7

Läkenenland 8

Läkenenland 9

Läkenenland 10

Läkenenland 11

Läkenenland 12

Läkenenland 13

Läkenenland 14

Läkenenland 15

Läkenenland 16

Läkenenland 17

Läkenenland 18 - the old Shot Point Iron Mine

Läkenenland 19

Läkenenland 20

Läkenenland 21

Läkenenland 22

Läkenenland 23

Läkenenland 24

Läkenenland 25

Shipwreck Cruise 1 - the sister boat of the one we took

Shipwreck Cruise 2 - Grand Island - a National Recreation Site you...

Shipwreck Cruise 3 - The Bermuda, a 150 foot wooden schooner foundered...

Shipwreck Cruise 4 - some kayakers making their way across the East...

Shipwreck Cruise 5 - the East Channel Lighthouse - last used on...

Pictured Rocks 1 - Miner's Castle

Pictured Rocks 2 - Miner's Castle, another view

Pictured Rocks 3 - these sandstone cliffs are over 100 feet high...

Pictured Rocks 4

Pictured Rocks 5 - you can see the debris from when this...

Pictured Rocks 6 - minerals leech through the stone layers - red...

Pictured Rocks 7

Pictured Rocks 8

Pictured Rocks 9

Pictured Rocks 10

Pictured Rocks 11

Pictured Rocks 12

Pictured Rocks 13

Pictured Rocks 14

Pictured Rocks 15 - Spray Falls

Pictured Rocks 16 - Canada is over 100 miles away, due North...

Munising 1 - Downtown Munising

Munising 2

Munising 3 - some of the homes

Munising 4

Munising 5 - a pretty day care

Marquette Blueberry Festival 1

Marquette Blueberry Festival 2 - about a hundred vendor tents and this...

Marquette Blueberry Festival 3 - things for the kids to do

Marquette Blueberry Festival 4 - as well as riding ponys

Marquette Blueberry Festival 5 - and a youngster playing a mean fiddle...

Marquette Blueberry Festival 6 - starting to get a little crowded for...

Marquette Blueberry Festival 7 - this was the only other blueberry stand

Back Country Sightseeing 1 - 10 miles from the nearest town but...

Back Country Sightseeing 2 - found a gravel road Libby could get...

Back Country Sightseeing 3 - this was listed in a brochure as...

Back Country Sightseeing 4 - or was this it about 200 feet...

Back Country Sightseeing 5 - what we believe is the refuse pile...

Back Country Sightseeing 6 - Goose Lake in the Hiawatha National Forest...

It was an uneventful 207 mile drive from Two Rivers, WI to Ishpeming, MI and we crossed the date line back in to the Eastern time zone as well. There wasn't much to see on the way so not many pictures. We are staying at the Country Village RV Park which is a large RV park that is part of a huge complex containing the RV Park, restaurant, brewery/restaurant, inn, etc. We have a 50 amp site with water and a dump on the way out. Satellite acquisition was a snap and we have adequate Verizon which varies substantially for some reason. The park also has WiFi which does the same thing - they must be using Verizon!!!

The first couple of days we didn't do much but laze around and enjoy the much cooler (highs in the low 70s) weather here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Wednesday, the 23rd, we took the one hour plus drive over to Munising to take a couple of boat cruises. The first was a glass bottomed boat cruise by Shipwreck Tours. These are not the glass bottomed boats of Silver Springs, FL but boats with smaller glass bottom panes that allow you to see the shipwrecks but it is such a small portion of the boat they have to drift over the wreck a couple of times to let every one see it in shifts. It still allows you to see the wrecks well but it wasn't what I expected. Out of a two-hour cruise, you spend about 20-30 minutes looking at three shipwrecks. I tried taking pictures but they just didn't come out well so I only included one to give you an idea of what it was like.

After we came back from that trip, we had lunch and then went on the Pictured Rocks Cruise. This is a three hour cruise which is very much worth it as that is the only way you can really see the beauty of the Pictured Rocks coastline.

On the way to Munising, we stopped just east of Marquette at Läkenenland and was pleasantly surprised to find a very unique and free display of art made from many different kinds of what would normally be called junk - hence his calling it Junkyard Art. I only enclosed 25 of the 80+ pictures I took but you can go to their web site to see the others if you wish.

Friday, the 25th, Marquette, MI was having their thirteenth Blueberry Festival so we made the 20 minute ride over there and attended it. We were a little disappointed in that all of the vendors were selling clothing, jewelry, etc. and only four were selling blueberry related items. Two of those were fresh blueberries! After leaving there we decided to take a round about way back to Ishpeming and tour the countryside. We went to one place that was supposed to have a waterfall but it was just a dam spillway. We also went to a couple of others but the creeks had pretty well dried up and were all overgrown so no waterfalls! We did stop at an open air market on the outskirts of Ishpeming and picked up lots of fresh veggies and fruits, including three pints of blueberries which just happened to be much less expensive than at the Blueberry Festival!

Saturday and Sunday were spent just puttering around the Mothership and taking care of a few things. We have managed to get quite a bit of little things done around her while here and enjoying the cooler weather. Doris has been playing with her new sewing machine and I managed to get a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed as well as determining why I couldn't get my tripod satellite antenna to work - the SWM system doesn't like 200ft of cable and all of the connectors and switches between the dish and the receiver. Taking it down to 100 feet worked well!! This will allow us to not be so picky about having open sites as long as I can see the satellite with 100 feet of cable.

Monday we were fortunate enough to have dinner with good friends from the Florida Ramblers FMCA chapter where we are associate members now that we travel as extensively as we do. Clarence and Sandy are tail gunners (last RV in a caravan that makes sure all RVs get started and going on a travel day) on a Lake Superior Circle Tour caravan that just started about a week ago. They have passed us and will be in Ontario in about a week.

Tuesday was spent getting the Mothership cleaned up and ready for travel. We head for a little area called Bruce Crossing and the township of Stannard. We can't get reservation so we have no idea if there will be an opening or not but hopefully we will get to stay there three or four days.

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