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The Nut

Dove Lake & Cradle Mtn


Woke up in the middle of the night to moonlight over the ocean and a few bright stars. That's a good sign.

We spent a little time touring the town of Penguin. It is quite pleasant and would've been a good place to browse even longer.

We drove west along the North coast to the town of Stanley. We passed through some beautiful coastal areas and great farmland. Beautiful rolling country. The destination in Stanley was a geological feature known as "The Nut". At the end of the peninsula this massive rock rises, similar to Ayer's rock in Central Australia. Well, at least the hot chocolate was good -- and it was a beautiful drive.

We headed south toward interior Tasmania and their Cradle Mountain National Park. Along our twisty B26 route was a rain forest that was quite interesting to drive through. No way to make speed, but a wonderful tourist route.

We arrived at the National Park to find that camping was run by a (very expensive) concessionaire. Nothing like a captive market. Once registered, we took the 7.5 km drive through the park and arrived at Lake Dove. The 6 km walk around the lake felt good after two days of a lot of driving.

On the return drive we stopped for a short walk in an area that promised sightings of wombats. We weren't disappointed. What cute creatures they are!

Back at the campground, a dinner of leftovers and a pretty good Tasmanian Pinot Noir. Then these tired puppies are heading to bed.

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