Road Trip 2013 travel blog


Old home stead.

Lone Pines Campground

Hail to Vermont!

Lovely Vermont!

Hail to Vermont so fearless!

Sing we a song!

Sing loud and long!

To our little state so peerless!

Green are her hills, Clear are her rills.

Fair are her lakes, and rivers and valleys;

Blue are her skies, Peaceful she lies,

But when roused to a call she speedily rallies

Hail to Vermont! Dear old Vermont!

Our love for you is so great.

We cherish your name,

We laud! We acclaim!

Our own Green Mountain State.

We passed by our house where we used to live in here in Vermont. Memories!

Really late when we pulled into park so we set up and will see everyone for breakfast in the morning!

All is well...just chillin...burr!

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