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We're actually here!

Getting up for the Uluru tour. The blurry text says feels like...

Birthday morning in front of Uluru

Master Chef - try this one!

Trying to counter the wind while walking through the Olgas

Enjoying the sunset viewing dune

Not a bad spot to throw a snag or two on the...

Our own attempt at the iconic sunset shot


Well, where to start ...

What a great couple of days we've had here. Could probably sum it up with words like spectacular, COLD, breathtaking, memorable

We made it to Yulara, the resort/camping community near Uluru on the 21st, set up camp, saw the sun set on Uluru from the top of a dune in the campsite and also met another family camping just nearby. It feels like we might be seeing a bit more of Kev and Tania and their kids Larissa and Patrick as we make our way around the west coast. They're taking a similar route and we've hit it off pretty well, especially Pip and Larissa who are the same age.

The rock itself ... In one sense it's just a really huge rock, but in every other sense it's magnificent. It's size, it's texture, changing colours, different characteristics depending how close or far away you are - there's nothing at all uninteresting about it!

Yesterday morning we did a guided tour around part of the base which was concerned purely with the cultural aspects of the rock - it's place in the story of the local aboriginal people, the Arangu. Apart from being freezing (we had to get the ice off the windscreen to get there) it was really interesting and highlighted some of the caves and contours that you just can't see in all the iconic pictures of the place.

It would also have to be one of the most memorable birthdays I've experienced yet - even opening card and presents at the rock! Sal topped it off by pulling off an exceptional feat - baking a delicious birthday cake in the Weber! Truly a special day.

Last night was again really cold (as is tonight, as I write this) though it helped a little that I remembered to close the skylight in the camper! So this morning we took a little more time getting out of bed, waiting til the sun was a little higher in the sky. We ventured out to the Olgas (Kata Tjuta) today which are at least as spectacular as Uluru, had lunch and then ventured on a short walk. We already knew it, but it has to be said again, Will and Alice are not good walkers! Only 2.2 km today and we'd like to do some longer ones than that on our trip.

A real highlight this evening was heading out to the Uluru sunset viewing area along with Kev and Tania and crew, taking the Weber along and cooking dinner as the sun set. The kids all had a great time as well as the adults, and we met another terrific couple Lindsay and Ave across from Broome who gave us plenty of inside info for our trip through the Kimberleys and across to Broome.

Tomorrow we hope to head on to King's Canyon.

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