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Snow covered

All rugged up for the day

Castle museum

Inside the walls


Hurry up .... it's cold up here!!

Woke up this morning - guess what - SNOWING!!!!! The temp outside is somewhere near 0 - 2 degrees. But we still intend to go out exploring. The first 1/2 hour is spent rugging up, then programme our intended destination into the GPS (have i mentioned what a godsend the GPS has been?), and then we venture out into the falling snow. the whol town has been turned into a postcard with fresh snow covering anything that is standing still.

The old part of the city proves to be as interesting as we thought it would be - tall narrow buildings, winding cobbled streets, and of course, coffee shops galore.

Before leaving, we decided to visit yet another museum, this one being attached to the main attraction of the town, the Castelvecchio castle ( The castle was the stronghold of one of the ruling families of Verona, and has been turned into a museum for the area. As you would expect for Italy, the bulk of the exhibits are to do with the old masters of Verona and their depictions of all things religious. Overall, quite a fascinating display and well worth seeing.

Tomorrow we have decided to catch a train to Venice for the day (takes about an hour on the Eurostar). Hopefully, the weather won't be too terrible (although some more snow would be nice)

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