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Great Grandpa and Kira


John and Tyson

Great Grandma and Tyson


Holly, John and and Tyson

Kira in Great Grandpa's Hat


Great Grandpa and Tyson


Holly and Ty

Holly and children

Great Grandpa and Kira


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Kira dancing

This morning we headed to church in Cedar Rapids. Afterwards, we had lunch with Esther, Barb, Carol, Taylor, Larry and Jerry. It is always fun to get together with old friends and it seemed like old times because we often went out as a group after church on Sundays when we still lived in Cedar Rapids.

Later on in the afternoon we headed over to Garrison to visit with our granddaughter, Holly, and meet our new great grandson, Tyson. We brought presents for the kiddies. Kira had fun playing with the Leap Frog Phonics toy we bought for her. Holly and John have two very sweet children.

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