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Otavalo centre square at night



Feb. 29

Soyla and Juan treated us to another fantastic breakfast, we said our good byes and climbed back into the trucks to catch the bus in Ibarra. This time we were all on alert so no shoes were lost in transport.

After checking into our hotel in Otavalo we met, discussed the options, when to meet and then split up. Mike and I dropped off some laundry and joined Chris, John, Cindy and Susan. We flagged down a couple of taxis and headed to Peguche. We stopped for some lunch which was a disaster. We ordered, waited, the waitress came back that they didn't have it. We tried again. 10 minutes avocados so we all ordered french fries. An hour later we finally got them. Mike's were pretty much raw. Not only was it crappy but it was the most expensive we'd had yet. We laughed it off and left for the water fall. All the way up a huge hill we realized we were going the wrong way and went back down. We finally found the waterfall. Nice.

Back in Otavalo, we found a weavers museum where a old man with great character explained the history of weaving among the Quechua people. We sat in the garden and enjoyed a nice coffee and lemon cake and were graced with the appearance of a beautiful hummingbird.

We checked out the market, met the others for dinner and the day was done.

March 1

We were on the street before 7am for the Saturday market and watched the vendors setting up their booths. The town was transformed and there were goods for sale EVERY where. Traffic was nuts. The colours were amazing with all the fabrics, yarns, purses, clothes, wall hangings, table cloths.....anything. The sights, smells, noise was overwhelming and SO much fun!

Back at the hotel after getting only a little bit lost, we picked up our stuff and headed for the bus station to catch our bus for Quito.

Lucky us. Our hotel got upgraded as the other was being used by a new group starting and we got one with a pool, hot tub, steam room AND free breakfast. Score! So, rather than figure out our luggage we'd picked up at the other hotel on the way, some of us quickly changed and headed to the pool. Not often is it warm enough in Quito to swim so one must take advantage. I went from steam room to pool to hot tub to pool.....etc. Nice!

After a quick change we met for our last dinner together where we said goodbye to Giovanny. He's been a great tour leader! Some of us are going home, some continuing to travel. What a great group we've had!

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