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They're NOT black swans!!

I like this name.

My biggest catch - 26", 6-something pounds

Oh brother, I can't remember a thing about the journey to Camp Sandusky today...or much about our visit with Chip and Bonnie. DUH!!

Let's see...went to their house after we got all set up in camp so we could see 3 of Bonnie's grandkids.

Oh, this is terrible. My memory banks are closed (temporarily, I hope!) Other things we did during our visit there:

* Chip and I went fishing 3 times. Too many people in "our" spot the first time so came back during the week and that's when I made my big catfish catch! 26" long and 6-something pounds...and the guys around me were surprised I brought it in on 6-lb. test. All ya' gotta' do is work the drag just right, LOL. The third time back, we had the place to ourselves and Chip did most of the catching. We did have a good time all 3 times, though.

* Went to their house for dinner several nights...with Chip making one, Bob making one, and ordering pizza the third time.

* Played Greed and Apples to Apples a lot.

* Went for our annual doctors' appointments. Everything okay there.

I think that's about all I can remember. Oh, their neighbor had a garage sale and we picked up 2 very nice brass lamps for the for the bookcase in the rear and one for between the lounge chairs. They look rather nice!

I also got a good haircut and perm before we left. It's pretty curly but that will relax with time.

Chip and Bonnie have the neatest cat, Rocco, who is very, very vocal. Nellie is vocal but all she says is "Meow" or other variations of that whereas Rocco will carry on a complete conversation with you, in "cat" of course but with lots of different intonations. He's really neat.

So, that's all I remember about our visit to Chip and Bonnie in Sandusky, OH.

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