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Carpe at the MCD Factory

We passed thru Alba, TX on US 69

US 69 north of Lindale

Texas Longhorns grazing along US 69

We loved this bit of Southern Hospitality

At Greenville (I 30) we transitioned to US 380

MCD Innovations

So this is waht a Diesel Pusher looks like...

Sun, 12 May: Happy Mothers Day to all...

Our Sunday Drive took us 97 miles from Lindale to McKinney. McKinney is a northern suburb of Dallas and the home of MCD Innovations.

We're at the MCD factory to have our MCD shades looked at and, hopefully, correctly adjusted. We love the shades but they've never been adjusted correctly since we had them installed. We're hopeful the folks at the factory can do it right.

We left the Lindale Lowe's parking lot a bit after eight following a very restful nite. The traffic on nearby US 69 quieted down and we had very little noise. It was cool enough to keep us snuggling under our blankets but not too cool.

Once underway we continued north on US 69 about seventy miles to Greenville at I 30. We picked up US 380 west another thirty miles to McKinney and then a few miles to the MCD factory. Today's run was 97 miles with a trip fuel economy of 8.8 mpg.

We arrived a bit before eleven and found three other coaches already parked. We backed into our assigned space and got Carpe hooked up to their 50 amp power. As this is being written in mid-afternoon there are now nine coaches awaiting tomorrow's service appointments.

We drove the car to a nearby Costco for lunch and some shopping. Then back home to stuff the fridge full again and catch up on e-mail and other computer stuff.

At Happy Hour the chairs came out along with tables for the snacks. A total of eleven coaches were parked and we got together in the shade of a large one to toast to retirment and the RV lifestyle. Just about the best part of RVing are the people who are pretty much universally friendly. Impromptu gatherings seem to "just happen" in the most unlikely of places...

Mon, 13 May: Happy Birthday Carpe Diem Today marks the fifth anniversary of us taking delivery of our motorhome. She's a good gal and we sure have had an eventful and memorable five years...

The MCD technicians worked on the shades late morning and after lunch. They removed four of the shades and replaced parts and/or rebuilt them. The reinstalled shades, and the remaining five that got readjusted, are now working just as designed. They only charged us an hour for labor and covered the parts under warranty. That is excellent service and we are "happy campers".

It turns out that 3Ts in Lake Havasu City did not install and adjust the blinds correctly. We feel bad as they came highly recommended. Seems as though their service is somewhat spotty, sometimes very good and sometimes...

By the time they finished up and we got the bill paid it was mid afternoon and we were not too enthusiastic at hitting the Dallas freeways. MCD allowed us to stay another nite so we could negotiate Dallas late in the morning. Good deal.

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