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Redmond, OR - Expo Center Rv Park - site C-8

Redmond, OR - Expo Center Rv Park - site C-8, another view

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 0 - our route - 136...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 1 - we are running on...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 2 - looking across the sun-glistened...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 3 - the WA side of...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 4 - crossing the Columbia back...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 5 - as we get upon...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 6

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 7 - mostly farm land where...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 8 - that's Mt. Hood under...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 9 - there was a bit...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 10

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 11 - the Deschutes River as...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 12 - scenes as we come...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 13

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 14

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 15 - we cross the Deschutes...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 16 - and head south

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 17 - into high desert

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 18 - still some mountain driving...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 19

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 20

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 21 - it's only green if...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 22 - lots of hay being...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 23 - entering Redmond

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 24 - they have remodeled old...

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 25

White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR 26 - and of course the...

Crooked River Gorge 1 - the railroad bridge spanning the gorge

Crooked River Gorge 2

Crooked River Gorge 3 - the gorge and waterfall just past the...

Crooked River Gorge 4

Crooked River Gorge 5 - the old US 97 bridge across the...

Peteresen's Rock Garden 1

Petersen's Rock Garden 2

Peteresen's Rock Garden 3 - lots of detail in all of the...

Peteresen's Rock Garden 4 - there were also several peacocks running around

Petersen's Rock Garden 5

Petersen's Rock Garden 6

Petersen's Rock Garden 7

Petersen's Rock Garden 8

Petersen's Rock Garden 9

Petersen's Rock Garden 10

Petersen's Rock Garden 11

Petersen's Rock Garden 12

Petersen's Rock Garden 13

Peteresen's Rock Garden 14 - a few pieces of petrified wood were...

Petersen's Rock Garden 15

Peteresen's Rock Garden 16 - all natural colored rocks

Petersen's Rock Garden 17 - can't forget the flowers!

Petersen's Rock Garden 18

Petersen's Rock Garden 19

Petersen's Rock Garden 20

Petersen's Rock Garden 21

Petersen's Rock Garden 22

Petersen's Rock Garden 23

Tumalo Falls and National Volcanic Monument - our route - 138 miles

Tumalo Falls 1 - a 2.5 mile gravel road at the end...

Tumalo Falls 2

Tumalo Falls 3 - the Tumalo River and Falls

Tumalo Falls 4

Tumalo Falls 5 - lots of water

National Volcanic Monument 1 - the monument is a few miles south...

National Volcanic Monument 2 - you can see some of the lava...

National Volcanic Monument 3 - that is Lava Butte above the lava...

National Volcanic Monument 4 - views from the top of Lava Butte...

National Volcanic Monument 5 - the surrounding countryside with mountains on the...

National Volcanic Monument 6 - and lava fields in the foreground

National Volcanic Monument 7

National Volcanic Monument 8

National Volcanic Monument 9

National Volcanic Monument 10

National Volcanic Monument 11 - we also walked this 1 mile trail

National Volcanic Monument 12 - how Lava Butte exploded and spewed all...

National Volcanic Monument 13 - we are going to have to quit...

National Volcanic Monument 14

National Volcanic Monument 15 - the real thing

National Volcanic Monument 16 - another twisted dead tree

National Volcanic Monument 17-we took the 3.5 mile road up to Paulina...

National Volcanic Monument 18 - a the view from the top at...

National Volcanic Monument 19

National Volcanic Monument 20 - Paulina Lake

National Volcanic Monument 21 - East Lake to the right of Paulina

National Volcanic Monument 22 - the Cascade Mountains in the distance

National Volcanic Monument 23 - the Big Obsidian Flow created 1300 years...

National Volcanic Monument 24 - is almost solid glass

National Volcanic Monument 25 - this Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel was near...

National Volcanic Monument 26

National Volcanic Monument 27 - some large pieces of the Obsidian

National Volcanic Monument 28

National Volcanic Monument 29 - this gal posed for us in the...

National Volcanic Monument 30

National Volcanic Monument 31 - Paulina Falls

National Volcanic Monument 32 - from a little above the closest part...

National Volcanic Monument 33 - and the stream feeding it

McKenzie Pass 0 - our route - 129 miles

McKenzie Pass 1 - we are headed west back into the Cascades...

McKenzie Pass 2 - these are the Three Sisters as we continue...

McKenzie Pass 3 - entering Sisters, OR, a neat little tourist town

McKenzie Pass 4

McKenzie Pass 5

McKenzie Pass 6

McKenzie Pass 7

McKenzie Pass 8

McKenzie Pass 9

McKenzie Pass 10 - continuing on to the pass

McKenzie Pass 11

McKenzie Pass 12 - right through a beautiful forest lining the highway

McKenzie Pass 13 - this guy is on a unique bike (sorry...

McKenzie Pass 14 - with him being still at the next turnout...

McKenzie Pass 15 - lava fields as we approach the McKenzie Pass

McKenzie Pass 16 - a closer shot of Mt. Washington

McKenzie Pass 17 - the crater the lava came from

McKenzie Pass 17a - as we approach the top of the pass

McKenzie Pass 18 - we are now at the pass and the...

McKenzie Pass 19 - the steps made from lava going up to...

McKenzie Pass 20 - the bronze disk on top showing what we...

McKenzie Pass 21 - two of the three sisters beyond the lava...

McKenzie Pass 22 - we are getting a side view of Mt....

McKenzie Pass 23 - the inside of the observatory

McKenzie Pass 24 - another shot of the interior

McKenzie Pass 25 - they had these small windows through which you...

McKenzie Pass 26 - came back down and took the Lava River...

McKenzie Pass 27

McKenzie Pass 28

McKenzie Pass 29

McKenzie Pass 30

McKenzie Pass 31

McKenzie Pass 32

McKenzie Pass 33 - that's Mt. Jefferson top, center

McKenzie Pass 34

McKenzie Pass 35

McKenzie Pass 36

McKenzie Pass 37

McKenzie Pass 38

McKenzie Pass 39 - it's Summer now but the same shot

McKenzie Pass 40

McKenzie Pass 41

McKenzie Pass 42

McKenzie Pass 43

McKenzie Pass 44

McKenzie Pass 45

McKenzie Pass 46

McKenzie Pass 47 - our path on the trail

McKenzie Pass 48 - and one of the inhabitants

McKenzie Pass 49

McKenzie Pass 50

McKenzie Pass 51

McKenzie Pass 52

McKenzie Pass 53

McKenzie Pass 54

McKenzie Pass 55

McKenzie Pass 56

McKenzie Pass 57

McKenzie Pass 58

McKenzie Pass 59

McKenzie Pass 60

McKenzie Pass 61 - a closer shot of the South Sister with...

McKenzie Pass 62

McKenzie Pass 63 - headed back down on the other side

McKenzie Pass 64 - the fire danger is high today like the...

McKenzie Pass 65

McKenzie Pass 66 - coming back through Sisters, OR

McKenzie Pass 67

It was a pleasant 136 mile trip from White Salmon, WA to Redmond, OR. It did involve some significant ascending and descending the plateaus in Oregon on the east side of the Cascades. As usual, the Allison transmission handled the grades down well enough that I rarely touched the brakes. It was amazing how fast the terrain changed once we crossed the Columbia River and headed south. We went from the lush Columbia Gorge to high desert in about 20 miles!

We are staying at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center RV Park. It looks to be a fairly new park built to handle big rigs. There is absolutely no problem negotiating the turns or entry into the sites. The sites themselves are level concrete with an attached concrete pad for another vehicle, in our case Libby. The site is long enough so that detaching Libby is not really necessary but since we were here for five nights and did a lot of touring we were more interested in getting the hookups exactly where we wanted them and that left marginal room for Libby in front or behind us. We have a 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through with strong Verizon reception and no trees in sight so the satellite was an easy sight-in.

After getting set up we made a quick trip back a little north of Redmond to visit the Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint which features a couple of bridges and a very deep gorge complete with waterfall. We then went on to the outskirts of south Redmond to visit the Petersen Rock Garden where we spent the rest of the afternoon strolling amongst the creations Dane Rasmus Petersen spent the last 17 years of his life constructing. These are starting to need some repair but are in remarkable shape considering he died over 60 years ago. I have include way too many pictures but they give you and idea of how intricate and detailed his many creations are.

Thursday was an all day trip to see a couple more items near Redmond or Bend. First was a trip to Tumalo Falls. This falls is several miles east of Redmond with the last two and a half miles being on gravel - Libby loved it!! It was a pretty drive and the falls were spectacular, one of the best we have seen this trip.

We then head back south of Bend to the Lava Lands Visitor Center which is part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument which covers over 50,000 acres between Bend and La Pine, OR. Near the Visitor Center is Lava Butte which is the 500 foot cinder cone from whence all the lava in that area came. To drive to the top of Lava Butte, you have to reserve your time slot as they only allow ten cars to go up at a time. Everyone gets a time then drives up the cone, exploring, and getting back down within 30 minutes. After viewing Lava Butte we then took the Trail of the Molten Land which takes you out onto the lava for a up close and personal introduction to the lava.

After finishing at the Visitor Center, we headed southeast of there to another part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument to visit Paulina Peak and the two alpine crater lakes located there. We first drove the three and a half mile, heavily wash boarded, gravel road up Paulina Peak which put us up in the air about 8,000 feet. This did afford us some beautiful views of the area. We then descended down to the Big Obsidian Flow which has a little over a square mile of volcanic glass.

Friday was another long day as we drove out the McKenzie Highway to McKenzie Pass. When we started this 129 mile trip, I expected to drive up through the Cascades to some beautiful viewpoints at the top of the pass. Boy, were we surprised!! McKenzie Pass is where the Dee Wright Observatory is located at the apex of a huge 65 square mile lava flow. They have done a wonderful job of constructing the observatory and access out of the lava rocks themselves and then a paved trail through the flow with some very good explanations about the eruption, lava, etc. I included about a million pictures of this trail but you can skip them if you want. :-) It was a very pretty area as you could see all of the peaks in the Cascades surrounding it. It was even high and cool enough up there to really enjoy it.

Saturday and Sunday was COLLEGE FOOTBALL TIME!!!!!!!!! We have waited all Summer for our next favorite past-time to finally get here. Fortunately the Gators played well enough to win but they had better get a lot better if they want to compete for the SEC Championship.

Tomorrow, we head for Chiloquin, OR about 120 miles south of here from which we will see Crater Lake.

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