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The wind blows constantly out here - see the flags!

I visited the locals in this "bar" about 50 feet from the...

OK. I left Colville Washington around mid-morning and headed south and eventually east. My plan was to go to Spokane and then pick up Interstate 90 east. On the map it looks simple. In reality, I spent 45 minutes booting around Spokane trying to find I90 because the sign on the highway was vague to say the least, and then it required a ride all the way from the north of the city to the southern part just to get to the freeway. It was like rush hour the whole time! I was not impressed. Anyway, from there on it got better and I managed to make it through Idaho and into Montana without any problems. I finally gave up the ghost at Deer Lodge (it's kind of a rural town about 30 miles north-east of Butte) around 5:30 and found a place to park the trailer for free (at the Rodeway Inn) right beside a little bar/casino. There I had a chance to check out the locals. They're different out here! 592 Kilometers today. I don't know how far I'll go tomorrow but it seems to me that the highway dips south into Wyoming tomorrow and that's always an interesting place so I might stop and explore the neighborhood while I'm there. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a WiFi outlet tomorrow night and therefore will be able to tell you where I am. Cheers.

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