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Carpe boondocking at Great Falls Sam's Club

I 15 between Helena & Great Falls
We crossed some fairly high passes,...

I 15 near Castle Rock State Park
A lovely drive (for the passenger),...

We're in Great Falls, Montana!

Sat, 05 May: And a very happy Cinco de Mayo to all... The staff at the Great Falls (Montana) Sam's Club celebrated by wearing lei. Still working on processing that one!

And the rains came... Around twilight last evening it started raining and continued pretty hard for a few hours, and then spit intermittently most of the nite. The winds continued to blow so we got rocked to sleep. At least the rain and wind drowned out the train whistles (gotta look for the positive in every situation).

The really bad weather never materialized and we awoke to cold and windy conditions, but none of the predicted dusting of snow. We had a nice breakfast and got ready to roll. We dropped off a donation at the Elks Lodge and got Dinkum hooked up and went through our checklists. Wheels rolled at 0911.

Sandi took the first leg (about 45 miles) and we switched at a convenient rest stop. Bob finished the balance of our 91.5 mile day. We consumed 10.6 gallons of diesel for a respectible 8.7 mpg. This was on a pretty hilly stretch of Interstate with a healthy cross wind.

We're currently holed up in the Great Falls Sam's Club, where we plan to spend the balance of today and overnite. We had a few Sam's Club items we wanted to get prior to departing the U.S., and this is the last one this side of the border.

If all goes as planned (see, there's that word again) tomorrow will be another short day to Shelby, MT, the last town of any size south of the border. Our mailing service, America's Mailbox, shipped our mail yesterday and it should arrive at the Shelby P.O.'s general delivery on Monday.

Tentative border crossing: Tuesday (if our mail arrives Monday & all is Okey Dokey) or Wednesday (should there be a glitch or two...)

Stay tuned.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 91.5
Total miles since Casa Grande: 1,254.3

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