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Well after an eye opening couple of days in New Orleans it was on the road again on route to Washington DC.

We passed through Mississipi (spelling?), Alabama & Virginia, churches were abundant and religion very evident a couple we camped next to in Alabama (Toby & Shirley) finished every sentence with Amen or praise the good lord.

We both got the feeling in the south that although slavery was abolished long ago there is still a very distinct divide.

Gus had to have some work on his brakes as we headed out of Alabama so we spent a morning sitting in a mechanic shop of course every cloud has a silver lining I got to catch up on Bold & the Beautiful - for those who follow Bridgette & Nick are getting married and shock horror Taylors come back from the dead AGAIN!!!

While travelling through the region we kept camping on beautiful lakes so picked up a fishing rod to try our luck at fresh water fishing. It turns out they are a bit more clever than salt water fish, they don't take the bait! Actually, Tim keeps saying his job is to keep fish in the water (lame!), however, I am not too sure how good bird nests in the reel are for the fish catching endeavours (oops).

Well we arrived in Washington DC and stayed in a great camping ground on the very edge of town & used public transport, a system that requires a bit of attention with regards to purchasing tickets, the ticketing system is so complex the attendant has to come out of his booth and show each individual person how to purchase tickets from the machines.

Washington was beautiful we both loved it, its so similar to Canberra its freaky. Its so clean and tidy with beautiful gardens The infamous blossom trees were all in bloom and there were beds of tulips everywhere.

There is so much to do and see we had to make a strict plan to get around & do all that we wanted in the time we had. We did a tour of the capitol building which was great, the whitehouse is closed to visitors since 9/11 & we would have been very disapointed if the Capitol was of limits too.

We brushed up on our American History at the Smithsonian museum of american history, it really helped in understanding the strong patriotic stance of the American people.

The National Art gallery was a place to appreciate great art and a haven from 1000's of school kids on field trips (they are everywhere in Washington DC - except the art gallery)

We did visit the Whitehouse, well the exterior at least, it pretty much looks the same as it does in the pictures you see. We took quite a few photos in front of it and when we looked at them later someone was looking out of a top window George was in town who knows???

The treasury building is next to the white house and while we were there they had the whole front fenced off because a duck had nested under a tree on the foot path, we later read in the paper she hatch her eggs and had a seven car convoy escort her to a nearby park with a pond unbelieveable!!

For a good portion of our time in Washington DC it rained, nothing to really cause a problem but a couple from LA camping opposite took pity on us one morning and cooked us the best porridge I've ever eaten with cinnamon quills & saltanas and a pot of cinnamon tea. We layed in the van for ages the following morning hoping for a repeat treat, unfortunately they were leaving so no luck.

After 3 very full days in DC we headed to Niagara falls

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