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Moustiers Sainte-Marie with star suspended over church above village

View of the church from the village

The trek up from Moustiers to the church

Through the doorway

The daily skinned knee (Carmen)

The church

The view from the church to the impossibly blue Lac de Sainte-Croix

A creek running through Moustiers

We headed to Moustiers Sainte-Marie, a village at the head of the Gorges du Verdon, for an overnight trip. Gorges du Verdon is sometimes called the Grand Canyon of Europe. The village of Moustiers sits between two cliffs on the slope of a ridge near one end of the canyon. We have finally entered into the off season, so the village had a reasonable number of visitors for a Monday and Tuesday, and parking was not a problem. Having seem Saint- Tropez on a September Market Saturday, we are pretty sure we know what high season looks like and we will plan to never be in Provence at that time of year!

In any case, we arrived in Moustiers in the afternoon and spent some time exploring the village and up to the Chapelle Notre Dame de Beauvoir, built in the 14th century, that sits above. Apparently the chapel was built on temple ruins dated to about 470 AD. There is a shiny star suspended from a cable across the span between the two cliffs which is a hallmark of this village. A star has apparently been hanging over this village since the middle ages when a village son returned safely from one of the crusades and hung the first one. You can see the star as a white dot in the first two pictures with the Chapelle just below it.

From the chapelle above the village we got a view of Lac de Sainte-Croix which is formed by a dam somewhere in the distance and backs up water coming out of the Gorge. The water is an implausible teal blue-green color, apparently by a mix of particular elements and algae suspended in the water.

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