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26 Sept: Set off early afternoon from Ribadeo, but with less wind than forecast we had to motor quite a lot. The sailing we did get was in lovely sunshine and we came into the Barquero estuary between the mainland and Colleira Island which was fun. We anchored south of Vicedo harbour after 29 nautical miles in just over 7 hours.

Next day we had a day off sailing and did boat chores. Thought we might go aground at low tide, but in the event there was 0.6 metres under the hulls! Later in the day we kayaked up the river Sor, under three bridges – in fact a train came over as we went under the railway bridge which was a bit disconcerting. The river reminded us a bit of Canada or America. It was wide and calm with wooded slopes down to the water, mainly conifers interplanted with eucalyptus where the conifers had been felled. This is apparently to give a quicker return on investment as it only takes 15 years from planting to harvesting eucalyptus and they will regrow.

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