2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

We made it!

Our first view of Elk about 2 minutes into the park

There were 3 young Elk

This one is starting to get his antlers

The mountains are spectacular here

There is still snow as you get higher up on the mountain

We stopped at Many Curves overlook for some beautiful views

We climbed up on some rocks for a better view

View from Many Curves overlook

As we got higher up the mountaiin the snow got deeper

We saw several warning signs in the park

Henry looks small next to the snow

We drove up this road

At Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road, about 11,000 feet

View from Rainbow Curve

We took a short nature hike here

We saw more Elk along the way

Ellk resting in the meadow

They were part of a huge herd

More of the herd

This was the only one we saw with big antlers

A mule deer

A group coming back from showshoeing at Bear Lake

Beth at Bear Lake

Bear Lake

At Bear Lake

No one fell through the ice while we were there

This is the only water at Bear Lake that wasn't frozen

Underneath this snow is a foot bridge

After going to Bear Lake

We had a beautiful day driving through Rocky Mountain National Park. We saw 3 elk about 2 minutes after we entered the park. There is still a lot of snow in the high elevations so some of the most popular roads are still closed. We went as far as we could go on the Trail Ridge Road and saw spectacular views of the mountains from there. We had to stop at about 11,000 feet at Rainbow Curve and turn back around. We then went on a little narrow winding road through a meadow. We saw several groups of Elk grazing in the meadows. After having a picnic we drove to Bear Lake. On the way there we saw a huge herd of elk. Bear Lake is an 11 acre lake surrounded by mountains. Most of it is still frozen and covered with snow.

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