Utila Princess

poolside at the Mango Inn Utila

Jet setting Canadian ex American sneaking out early to avoid the barfridge...

Used tractor yard

Poolside AT a quiet time ...when everyone is nursing a hangover

Floral bouquet

A guard tower just what every home compound needs

Children's camp or is it a concentration camp?

Lost dog anyone seen it? A reward payable in Honduran Lempiras!

Mountains surrounding the city of SPS

Brand new shopping mall complete with KFC BurgerKing et al

Eternal struggle ying yang good evil Pepsi Vs Coke

The name says it all!

plenty of juice to light up the felons and thwe Christmas lights!

High security features tastefully painted you won't know they are there!

Posada B&B with its tastefull razor wire topped fence

This town i am in, San Pedro Sula is amazing...i spend my days in the massive shopping malls with those wealthy enough to get past the guards...the poor are kept out or don't bother trying...the food courts have KFC Subway, Pollo Campanero Smith's Chicken, Wendy's Applebees,Pizza Hut, some Chinese food stand, some Greek style, Dunkin' Donuts and usually 5 or 6 cinemas..i saw Priest the Avenger in 3D for $5..usual non 3D films are only $3...can't wait till Friday to see Pirates of the Caribbean....I saw Tron a while ago....Quizmo's subs is another, Baleadas is a Honduran dish look it up....

Besides the food courts...this little town has had 10 murders in 4 days! There was a map in the paper today showing where the shootings muggings carjackings robberies rapes and abductions have been happening...the place i am staying at has electrified barb wired fences and heavy metal gates...closed circuit security cameras...other houses next door have 3 metre high brick walls and a guard tower like a prison camp! Other houses bunch together and have walls around their block...also guards opening and shutting gates to let or keep out who is not expected......there is a gang drug problem here......

UPDATE in the latest crime statistics Murder rate is down only 9 killed oh wait...last time the stats were for a 4 day period this time it is for a 3 day period...actually an increase!

Quite a patrilineal society...warning signs around a hotel pool: ask Fathers to keep an eye on their kids if they don't know how to swim well......a sign on escalators asks Fathers to ensure their children behave appropriately.....except possibly with their invisible wives...who obviously cannot supervise their progeny near pools and on escalators....

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