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La Fosse Dionne in Tonnerre

St Jacques route marker at La Fosse Dionne

another camino marker at Tonnerre

Eglise St Pierre above our courtyard at Ferme de la Fosse Dionne

Tonnerre view over rooftops

Tonnerre, a small town which doesn't usually show up on the maps and has no obvious tourist attractions at all was the place that we decided to go to for one reason: ‘La Fosse Dionne’, the divine spring. And it was worth it. The town was a little strange on a Friday evening when all the high school students from the boarding school in Tonnerre were going home for the weekend, crowding around the train station and bus parking area. The town was a little grungy (not spruced up like tourist towns) and gave Kirianne the creeps when we walked around in the dark to get our bearings and search for supper. We did have a great place to spend the night, though. A ‘Chambres D’Hôtes’ that Tasha found on the internet that was called ‘La Ferme de la Fosse Dionne’ a very comfortable place, with ‘La Fosse Dionne’ right in front of the house! We could look down from the salon right into the hole that is the source of the mysterious spring. Divers have gone down, but no one has been able to follow the underground water to find out where it comes from. The current is really strong, like a real river pouring out. And the water is a lovely green.

The event over the evening was spying on a few young guys that had taken shelter from the rain in the little porch by the spring in front of the house.

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast from our hosts, we walked up the hill just above the house to have a look at the church. We discovered the Fosse and the church are another part of the pilgrimmage route, Camino de St. Jacques!

We took a train back to Dijon where we got another train to Lyon.

written by Kirianne, small edits by Tasha

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