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Visitor Center located in Catholic Church built in 1837


The mighty Mississippi at Hannibal


River pilot with impressive skill



New visitor center at Mark Twain Lake(COE park)

Mr & Mrs Yours Truly


Beautiful granite military memorial


Two room birthplace of Mark Twain

Original cabin preserved inside this state historic site

Monument marks the original location of the cabin

Thought we were in the US didn't you?

County courthouse and museum

Where's the spitoon?

Old jail still in use today

Not an uncommon sight in these rural towns:)

The five star Corp of Engineer park lured us into this section of Missouri. With 2,775 acres of shore line it is both beautiful and large! As is our custom, after setting up, we took off for "town". Monroe City's history has been entirely shaped by the c. 1800's migration of folks from Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Settling along the river the migrants brought characteristic antebellum archecture and cultivated similar crops as back East. Soon their new area was referred to as "Little Dixie".

Missouri claims at least 18 famous people. Omar Bradley, Walt Disney, Daniel Boone, George Washington Carver, John Pershing, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Jesse James, Harry Truman, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and one of the most colorful, Samuel Clemmens.

The Clemmens, four children, and a household slave migrated here from the East. Not quite a year later, Samuel was born. Can you imagine eight people living in a two room rented cabin? The museum piqued our interest with the original handwritten manuscript of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", first editions of other works, and the original furnishings from his Harford, Conn. home. Throughout his life, Mark Twain knew he had been born under Halley's Comet(November 30, 1835) and predicted he would "go out with the comet". And so he did on April 20, 1910 In the village of Florida, a red granite monument marks the original cabin location.

1839 the Clemmens family moved to Hannibal, Mo. Not having had a very favorable impression of Hannibal, we gave the town another try. It seems to be in dire ecomomic straits. Now watching the river pilot skillfully maneuver all those barges was quite impressive! The eating has been fabulous! Prime rib, great country breakfast, and the best pork tenderloin medallions(deep fried-oh my-but delicious). The pork medallions seem to be a local staple. It's time to leave the country and move on to the city. St Louis, we'll be on the way shortly!

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