Portugal & Bulgaria 2010 travel blog

Varna cathedral

Bulgarian McDonalds

open air market

Bulgaria has great bread, and delicious spices for dipping

b-day party for our driver, Pavel

Madara horseman, carved onto a cliff

rock formations near Madara

lot's of caves

more caves

pathway through the woods leading to the caves

We spent 2 days in Varna, the 2nd biggest city in Bulgaria, located 2 hours north of Nessebar, also on the Black Sea. The city is about 1 million people, with a nice historic core, containing several pedestrian boulevards lined with art nouveau buildings from the 1920's, one of which leads down to a beautiful park right on the lake. We stayed in another fantastic hotel here with one of the best breakfasts we've had - and that's saying something, since many of the breakfasts on this tour are great. I love breakfast, so for me, this is a nice bonus. I really like most of the food here; lot's of fresh salads and cheese, great bread and skewers of meat. They have this meatball called Kebabche, which are like little meat loaf balls, mmm-mmm.

about 2 hours from Varna we stopped at some cliffs and cave formations called Madara, which is famous for the relief of a horseman carved into the cliff face. It dates from about 700 AD and is surrounded by various caves, which have been inhabited since neolithic times. I think this is the area where the "Clan of the Cavebear" books were supposed to take place.

I'm feeling pretty burned out, so I didn't take a lot of photos here. It's a good tour, but being in a big group exhausts me, and I am ready to go home. We had a "day-off" from the tour here, and after running some errands with Lyuba, I spent the day swimming in the Black Sea and relaxing.

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