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Bent pyramid

The Red Pyramid

Inside the Red Pyramid

Up at 8:00 and have some breakfast, then meet up with a new tour guide from Noga tours. He spoke very poor English, which was not a good sign.

We headed out to Sharaka and toured the step pyramid – the first pyramid ever built in Egypt. Nearby were a couple of ruined ones that had made from mud bricks, and though it only rains three or four times a year, given 5000 years things can get a little messy. The temple complex was well preserved and there were few tourists. We got to go into the burial chamber and it was well preserved, with some of the original paint still evident. But, as always, very very hot.

Back to the van and noticed that the driver was going quite slow. Seems the speedometer wasn't working. There was also a strange noise coming from the engine. Be that as it may we continued on into a huge traffic backup. Seems there was an accident and the road was closed. The surprising thing is that there weren't more accidents the way people drive in Egypt. In any event, we turned around and went to Memphis. This is a small complex the most important parts being the alabaster sphinx, the second largest in Egypt, and a massive statue of Ramses II.

Here I was conned by two cops who had Alice and I pose with the for a picture, then they demanded money. I offered 5 LE but they said it wasn't enough. How do you argue with two guys with semi-automatic weapons? Gave then 20 LE and headed out.

Went to lunch and had a mediocre meal, then off to the gem of the day – Dahshur. Home of the “bent” pyramid – where it was constructed too steeply so was finished off and a different angle – wonderful reminder of a thousand projects I have undertaken. Then to the red pyramid. Alice and I are reading a young adult fiction book titled “The Red Pyramid” and Alice was very excited. It's called the red pyramid because it's made of reddish sandstone. Luckily, we got to go into the burial chamber – down 150 steps to a false room. Then through a short passage to another. Then up some modern stairs to the actual burial chamber – which seemed to have a false floor with the actual tomb underneath. It smelled like cat piss but was a wonder all the same.

Headed back to the hotel, did a bunch of packing, took a break, then walked downtown with Steve and family for one last real Egyptian meal together. We ate at Hardees and a Pizza Hut... Then one last walk through Cairo and back to the hotel to say goodbye. Put Alice to bed, did the rest of the packing, and will leave for the airport at 1:00 tomorrow morning.

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