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Mario's for breakfast

A surfer

A big crash at Storms River mouth campgound

Trail to suspension bridge

One of the bridges



On the bridge. It did sway as we walked on it.

On our way back to lunch

Campers setting up for the weekend

At Monkeyland


A big monkey

There was only one of this type


Tom uses his new lens (a 100 - 400 mm)

Almost looks like a Panda



The monkey bridge. This one really swayed!

Three monkeys

Sunset of a glorious day

Dinner - Tom had shrimp that were done to perfection

South Africa Garden Tour Day 2 - Friday

Breakfast was at Mario's across the quay, accompanied by opera music and singing. On Friday, Gary drove us to the Storms River mouth which is very beautiful. We hiked about an hour or so, to the suspension bridges (pedestrian) which gave us terrific views of crashing waves. (Lots of steps, both up and down - our legs ached later - better here than in Zambia!) There was a good restaurant here where we had lunch. By the way, there are very few tourists which is said to be unusual, and the result of the effect of the Icelandic volcano on European travel.

On the way back we had a tour of Monkeyland. This sounded hokey, but it is a monkey-rescue program for pet and zoo monkeys who have been abandoned or are not useful. It was a very natural outdoor habitat with a great guide and we felt that the rescue portion of this made it very worthwhile.

Dinner that night was a the Drydock restaurant - excellent but not quite as good as JJ's.

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