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Found this really neat round house

The gate told us they didn't want us inside

But I couldn't resist this picture

Had to do a close up too

Guess we will et here

How about these ceilings?

A few of the signs we saw

Loved this one

Andthis one

Lunch spot of the day :(




Yup... Neat little town

Another two days of incredibly great times…

We have been driving by signs that say scenic circle or scenic route or scenic something for the past week so yesterday we decided to check it out… Our next door neighbors were outside when we were getting ready to leave so we asked them to come along… It wasn’t long before Ron and Linda were ready to join us and we started out… We immediately took the wrong turn and wound up in a school parking lot so it was back to I-10 and a rode on the west side… The road said Scenic Road but we had a hard time knowing if we were on the right road… So many people behind us were trying to drive 70 mph on a scenic road… Bummer. We passed some waterfalls but had no chance to pull over… We were looking for a restaurant that we saw advertised for our lunch spot of the day but never did find it.. We did however get a chance to pull over and get close to the perfect picture… Remember when we missed the longhorn in the bluebonnet field and Bill promised we would find another one… Well we came close… How about donkeys in a field of another blue flower? It was pretty cool and I was very happy to be there.

We continued on and found ourselves hopelessly lost.. Not to worry, we knew we were somewhere in Texas and that was all we needed for now.…

We hadn’t found the place were looking for called the Scenic Café but by now we were getting pretty hungry and when we found a Mexican restaurant that we were willing to have our lunch but then we saw a sign that said Old Town… That was all we needed to go further.. Well we had arrived at the town of Helotes … The only place to eat was the

... This must be de place… We saw a big Prevost unloading all kinds of musicial equipment and setting up the stage outside for a dance that night…

We followed the entire town, including the police department and ordered our lunch… After finding a place to sit outside we put our # on the table and it was delivered to us.

I don’t know what it is about Texas but it seems like every country place has something hanging from the ceiling This place instead of bra’s had boots and cowboy hats as well as a lot of really cute signs…. I’ll put a few up for you to be the judge.

The food that we ordered while sounding good was really just a lot of fried stuff that was not good for us at all and when we got home and were invited to a spaghetti dinner that one of the neighbors had cook for all of us I wasn’t sure I could eat again or not… But.. of course when we saw the beautiful salad and other fixings the others had contributed, we brought our small plates over to the rally center and shared another repast with friends.. It was awesome to say the least. Thanks so much for all your hard work…

Today was a beautiful day for going to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach… Oops. I had better put that on a separate blog….. Later

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