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St. Barbe - Rocky Harbour 0 - our route - 139 miles

St. Barbe - Rocky Harbour 1 - lobster traps being stored in...

St. Barbe - Rocky Harbour 2

St. Barbe - Rocky Harbour 3

St. Barbe - Rocky Harbour 4 - Doris loved this little purple...

Tuesday was a long day. We awoke and ate a continental breakfast at the B&B in Labrador - four different kinds of local, home made jams, home made bread and muffins, orange juice, coffee, and tea - which was very tasty and filling. We then drove the 30 minutes back to the ferry terminal, purchased our tickets, waited an hour and a half to board, made the hour and a half trip back to St. Barbe, got back to the Mothership, hooked up Libby and proceeded to Rocky Harbour. The drive to Rocky Harbour was 139 miles with the first half in the rain but as we approached Gros Morne, the sky started to clear. We arrived at the camground and were assigned our old spot from last week so I didn't post pictures of our site.

While setting up, our kitchen slide malfunctioned and wouldn't go out all the way and then didn't want to come back in - it seemed to be all out of kilter, alignment wise. Closer investigation showed that the mechanism had sheared off where it attaches to the slide and had jammed up under the lower edge. We called a local mechanic who had a "little" experience with slides and we managed to get the slide jacked up off the mechanism, the mechanism retracted and then the slide pushed back in and locked at the top. We just will not use it until we get back home and get it fixed. We rarely put it out unless we are going to be somewhere at least three nights anyway. It wasn't any big deal but it did ruin our idea to go moose hunting at twilight since we didn't get it secured until dark.

Wednesday we didn't do much but get caught up on our email and just relax. I did manage to go to the local hardware store and get some large dowels and shims so I could brace the bottom of the kitchen slide and make sure it stays where it is supposed to when we travel. The slide locks at the top would prevent the slide from coming out but it would still allow a small crack at the bottom I wanted to eliminate. Just before twilight we headed out for some moose hunting but alas, there were none to be found. We will have to try again Thursday. We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Earl as it is currently supposed to wind up somewhere close to where we plan to be when it gets here - wouldn't you know it??

It rained all day Thursday so we just stayed inside. Doris worked on her crafts and I worked on working! We went out at twilight but were still unable to find any moose. We are heading for Kippens tomorrow as it looks like Earl has decided to give us a break this time. We will not have WiFi for the next two days and we are not sure about cell coverage.

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