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Although Burnet boasts that it is THE mecca of bluebonnet watching in Texas, it is a small town of 5,000, so it could only do what it could only do to celebrate this special flower. The parade, which took place in the main square, was a traditional small town event. Some people visited the vendors before it began, while children competed in events like bag races and decorated bike competitions. The elderly woman sitting next to us must have known everyone in town. Although she had brought a lawn chair she jumped up continuously to bow to the politicians passing by in their fine cars and to hug and kiss people on floats. But when the car carrying a Democratic candidate went by, she said, "We don't know HIM!" And of course the contingent of red hat ladies got a special greeting from her.

Our favorite was a group of geezers called "The Bleachers," who were a choreographed drill team that did routines with lawn chairs to the music of our youth. We also liked the Plungerettes, another drill team that used toilet plungers instead of batons. No point in taking yourself too seriously.

Every parade has a beautiful young woman who is the queen of the event. The Bluebonnet Festival had: Miss Burnet Bluebonnet, Junior Miss, Young Miss, Little Miss, and Tiny Miss who was supposed to be between 4 - 7 years old. Why not have a Teeny Tiny Miss next year?

Lots of farm equipment went by, shined and polished to the max. Lots of motorcycles went by as well. We wondered why. There was a float for the descendants of confederate soldiers. Most of all it was an opportunity to advertise your services. The local insurance man threw candy, the tow truck operator brought his entire fleet, and a local church had a float that sported a bloody cloth wrapped cross. You wouldn't see that up North.

After the parade we went to the airport for an air show. The event began with a parachuter bringing a Texas flag to the ground. He was followed by another jumper with the American flag. Note the order. Lots of small and antique planes performed death defying maneuvers while the crowd cheered. Formation flying done by pilots who had built their own planes was especially impressive.

We considered the wiener dog races, rubber ducky races, and destruction derby, but that was enough small town Americana for one day.

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