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From Moving Bus, Tequila (the town)...Bluish color is agave.

Better Shot of Tequila, The Town...Famous for Jose Cuervo Tequila (50km From...

Again...Blue/Green is Agave in Valley of Tequila

Close up of Agave...Tons of It Growing In This Valley

And More Agave

Nighttime in Guadalajara Plaza

In Central Market...Nice Lady Cooking Up a Storm, Ha!

A Shot of Her Veggie Stew

View From 2nd Floor of Guadalajara Market

Another Shot From 2nd Floor of Market...Huge, Many Stalls

Happy Cook Fixing Breakfast Tortillas

Kid Promoting A Restaurant Menu

On Walking Mall Near Main Market (Front of Museum)

And Bon Gives the Statue a Tip

Statue Moves to Thank Her

He's Very Thankful

Now Stationary...Again...Really Very Still-Great!

Tlaquepague Colonial Town...This the Interior of Old Colonial Home - Central Garden...

Another View of Colonial Home Central 'Plaza'...Now Selling Home Furnishings Artesan Made

Terrific Energy, Animation....Music Pretty Good Too!

Getting Down...Ran Into Weekend Bands Playing in Town Central Plaza

Terrific Masks & Drummers Really Going at it!

Jammin It!

Even Dancing 'The Chicken'

The hiway Navojoa - Mazatlan - Guadalajara is very good. Sometimes 4 lane, mostly 2, progressively from semiarid and flat to very green, lots of agriculture (field crops, orchards) with low mountains in the E,. Travel on TAP bus line has been better (more prompt, comfortable)vs ELITE.

Two nites in Guadalajara Hostel - very reasonable, close to everything and nice folks. Dorm w/ IH card only 125p ($10 US).

I can finally say we have arrived in MX proper w/ sights and scents of food everywhere on 2nd floor of the Big Market (see pics). Walking the streets of Historic District, churches everywhere, the Cathedral (1561) and plazas and street people, singers, dancers, hawkers. A fantastic look into the mind of Michael Angelo of the Americas...José Clemente Orozco, a visionary whose one hand and legal blindness did not interupt his genius and the extraordinary creations in the Hospicio Cabañas (Orphanage for 450 children)...murals reflecting a truely enlightened look at mankind. We were so lucky to have an English speaking guide who could open our eyes & minds to who he was and what he saw.

We later fell for the Tapatio Tour not knowing it was in Spanish...could have gone to Tlaquepague (small colonial artist community nearby) for 12p but instead paid 60p. Now for tourists, the old colonial homes on narrow streets sell everything for the grand high ceiling colonial homes of the wealthy, ha! Very impressive art everywhere and of every sort. Also, the Ceramic Museum makes it´s fabulous statement with works by every conceiveable ceramic artist imaginable. The plaza was filled with music from many youthful bands, really a joy to watch and listen. Wish I could upload a video of them! Too long, boo hoo! Our evening complete with dinner at La Chata, once again too much food - next time I´m trying the traditional pre-Spanish dish, Pozole!

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