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The next day I crossed the border back into Argentina to see the falls from this side as you get a totally different view and can get much closer to the falls. It really is worth visiting both sides. The majority of the falls are on the Argentinean side so you get really close to the foot of a number of the huge waterfalls and cross over the top of huge waterfalls on specially constructed walkways. The largest and most powerful of the falls, the devils throat, is closer to the Brazilian side. On the Argentinean side there has been a walkway constructed that takes you to the top of the devils throat. The river is approximately 1km wide and the walkway takes you the whole way over this fast flowing brown Amazonian water. The devils throat just looks like theres a hole in the river where water crashes down hundreds of feet at an unbelievable rate. It´s a bizarre sight, and being able to get so close is really quite special. The hostel I stayed in on the Argentinean side was like a mini holiday resort with a large pool and pool side bar and a 5 a side football pitch. We played a game of 5 a side football against the Argentinean staff and I represented England well, scoring twice in the 4-4 draw. Then I drank far too many caipirinha´s at the poolside bar. I went to the falls again the following day. Nothing had changed, but they really are an awesome sight and it´s unlikely i´ll visit them again anytime soon. At the hostel that evening there was a Brazilian themed samba night and after a few too many caipirinha´s I was participating in the dancing on stage with the other rhythm less western travellers.

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