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The ubiquitous Japanese schoolgirls and the pagoda at Kofukuji Temple


Todaiji Temple, home of a very big Buddha

Todaiji (an Erica pic)

Todaiji very big bell

Todaiji Temple, Erica tells me this is a good guy...

Yours Truly on the verandah of Nigutsu-do Hall

Kasuga Grand Shrine

Kasuga Grand Shrine

Our lunch spot in Nara Park

Isuien Garden Tea House

Isuien Garden

Isuien Garden

Japanese photographers ready for action...

Not sure myself...

Traditional dress

Slightly scary...

Hogwarts professors in convocation

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Nara procession (Erica's vid)

Much nicer weather today, it may even be starting to cool down at last, and I think some of the acers have started to turn. We spent the day in Nara today, all in the World Heritage (I should get membership!) Nara Park, full of great old stuff from the days when Nara was the capital. The Park itself is enormous and full of these slightly feral deer chasing squeaking Japanese girl tourists for cookies. Basically some fine temples and gardens, including the huge Todaiji and its very big Buddha, and the most lovely Isuien Garden. On the way back to the train station through some old area we came across this rather strange procession, no idea what it was about. A futile hour or two trying to book accomodation in Kyoto for when we return here in a fortnight or so, and then an early night before we ship out early tomorrow for Mount Fuji.

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