2009 On the Road to Stillwater, OK travel blog

Walking to the stadium on game day

Vendors were set up in front of the stadium

The Cowboy's horse took a lap around the field before the game

The Bulldogs make their way down to the field

UGA before the game

Bulldogs waiting to take the field

Georgia runs on the field in front of a sea of orange

Joe Cox looks fro a receiver

Boone Pickens is honored for his $160 million contribution to the stadium...

Georgia punts

Georgia fans across the field from our seats

View from our seats at Boone Pickens Stadium - the stadium holds...

We picked up Chick-Fil-A on the way to finding a place to park. We parked about 3 blocks from the stadium (much closer than in Athens!!) in the parking lot of a local store and tailgated with some people we met from Claxton. Vendors had booths and tents set up right in front of the stadium. We walked through a sea of orange to get to our seats. We entered the stadium on the opposite side from our seats so we got to check out the brand new stadium as we walked all around it on the upper concourse to our seats. There were two sections of Georgia fans across from each other. The rest of the stadium was nothing but orange. Georgia started out great by scoring the first touchdown. It was a good game and the Cowboys fans are some of the nicest fans we have ever met. OSU won 24-10 and after the game the fans we talked to all wished us a safe trip home.

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