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St. Mary, MT - Glacier-St. Mary KOA - Site F13

Going to the Sun Road 1

Going to the Sun Road 2

Going to the Sun Road 3

Going to the Sun Road 4

Going to the Sun Road 5

Going to the Sun Road 6

Going to the Sun Road 7

Going to the Sun Road 8

Going to the Sun Road 9

Going to the Sun Road 10

Going to the Sun Road 11

Going to the Sun Road 12

Going to the Sun Road 13

Going to the Sun Road 14

Going to the Sun Road 15

Going to the Sun Road 16

Going to the Sun Road 17

Going to the Sun Road 18

Fishercap LakeTrail 1 - unnamed falls

Fishercap LakeTrail 2 - sunset coming over the lake

Fishercap LakeTrail 3 - a mother moose and calf

Fishercap LakeTrail 4 - she's getting vegetation off the lake bottom

Fishercap LakeTrail 5 - she also gets a lot of water!

Fishercap LakeTrail 6 - the calf just checking things out

Fishercap LakeTrail 7 - a mountain goat on the mountain on the...

Fishercap LakeTrail 8 - a white-tailed deer walked by about 10 feet...

Fishercap LakeTrail 9 - the water is a little deeper here!

Fishercap LakeTrail 10 - mama had just chased the deer away from...

Fishercap LakeTrail 11 - a uniquely shaped tree on the trail back

St. Mary Falls Trail 1

St. Mary Falls Trail 2 - St. Mary Falls

St. Mary Falls Trail 3 - close up of St. Mary Falls

St. Mary Falls Trail 4 - Virginia Falls top

St. Mary Falls Trail 5 - Virginia Falls middle

St. Mary Falls Trail 6 - Virginia Falls bottom

St. Mary Falls Trail 7 - the trail back up the mountain...

St. Mary Falls Trail 8 - Doris is a little behind me...

Two Medicine Road trip 1

Two Medicine Road trip 2

Two Medicine Road trip 3

Two Medicine Road trip 4

Two Medicine Road trip 5

Two Medicine Road trip 6

Two Medicine Road trip 7 - Running Eagle Falls

Two Medicine Road trip 8 - Running Eagle Falls river bed -...

Two Medicine Road trip 9 - Running Eagle Falls river bed -...

Bison herd in range between East Glacier and Browning, MT- most restaurants...

Bison Herd close up

Sun Point Nature Trail 1

Sun Point Nature Trail 2

Sun Point Nature Trail 3

Sun Point Nature Trail 4 - Baring Falls, upper

Sun Point Nature Trail 5 - Baring Falls, middle

Sun Point Nature Trail 6 - Baring Falls, bottom

Sun Point Nature Trail 7 - Going to the Sun Mountain

Sun Point Nature Trail 8 - upper St. Mary Lake

Sun Point Nature Trail 9 - lower St. Mary Lake

Sunset from the campsite 1

Sunset from the campsite 2

Sunset from the campsite 3

Sunset from the campsite 4

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Moose calf frolicking in the water

(MP4 - 4.15 MB)

St. Mary Falls

(MP4 - 4.23 MB)

Virginia Falls

(MP4 - 3.67 MB)

Running Eagle Falls

(MP4 - 5.86 MB)

Baring Falls

(MP4 - 2.89 MB)

Sun Rift Gorge, lower

(MP4 - 4.79 MB)

Sun Rift Gorge, upper

We arrived here Friday after a leisurely one-hour drive from Waterton Lakes plus a 20 minute border inspection. I guess it was just our turn. We had done nothing but answer their questions at all of our border crossings but they finally wanted to look through the Mothership on this one. I think they were doing training as they way too many border agents for this small border crossing. They were friendly and polite and we were on our way before too long.

We are staying at the Glacier-St. Mary KOA in St. Mary, MT, just outside the east entrance to Glacier National Park. We have full hookups and WiFi, though the WiFi is very slow. We also have good cell service so, since we are back in the USA, I am using my Verizon internet card which is much faster than the WiFi.

Saturday we took the shuttle buses over the Going to the Sun road that goes from the east side to the west side of the park. This requires two transfers as they use larger buses from the east side to Logan Pass and also from the west side to Avalanche Creek. The road between Avalanche Creek and Logan Pass is very restricted. The vehicles can be no wider than eight feet (including mirrors); no longer than 21 feet and no higher that 10 feet. This requires a small 12 or 15 passenger van sized bus to run that one section. That section of the road is very narrow and snakes down the mountains, presenting a fantastic view of park.

It's just impossible to describe how grand the scenery is on this section of the park. The pictures don't do it justice either. You just have to come and see it for yourself. The last two weeks along the Icefield Parkway and here in Waterton-Glacier have had unbelievable vistas that completely defy description.

Saturday early evening (about 6 pm) we took a hike to Fishercap Lake. This is a lake that is known for moose about that time. Sure enough there was a cow and calf there. The cow was eating vegetation off the bottom of the lake and the calf was just having a good time. A white-tailed deer also crossed the lake shore right in front of us before going over and getting run off by the moose cow. We also could see mountain goats on the mountain wall about a mile away. We watched them for almost an hour before finally leaving to return to the Mothership.

Sunday we hiked some trails. The first was to St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls, about two miles together. We then drove down to the Two Medicine entrance in the southeast corner of the park and drove to its end. While there we hiked to the Running Eagle Falls, another great view. I have included short videos of the falls and the calf playing in the water.

Then we drove to Browning, MT to check out the route we will be going on Wednesday when we leave here. Between East Glacier and Browning, Doris noticed a buffalo herd in the pasture. I guess this is where all of the buffalo meat being advertised in the restaurants around here comes from!!

Monday we hit the trails again. This time to Sun Point, Baring Falls, and Sun Rift Gorge. All of these trails are intertwined, going to one then returning to a point and going on another. We went a little over three miles total but limited it to that by taking the shuttle back from Sun Rift Gorge to Sun Point where we had parked Libby. Doris' knee is getting stronger and stronger. The park has some great trails, but you would have to be in much better shape than we are (and have a lot more time) to hike them all. A good many of them are over five miles and several are 10-15 miles.

Tuesday we stayed around the campsite for the most part getting the Mothership ready for the next couple of weeks drive ending in Elkhart to get the damage fixed. Tomorrow we head for two nights at Havre, MT, about 200 miles away.

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