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The first spots; I took photos at the time so I could...

A woamn making traditional Vietnamese conical hats

A woman making incense sticks (as boring as it sounds it was...

An hour later...yes i do think they are getting worse

Tomb of a previous king set on 10 acres

In the grounds of the tomb

The main, yet 'fake' tomb

The king's guardians

In the harmony pond

Another hour later...oh no they are on my legs too!

15 minutes later...and my feet! There is definitely something wrong.

Flag tower at the entrance to the citadel in Hue

The main entrance to the Citadel

Me in the Citadel

In the ruins of the Citadel, only 30% has been restored after...


Pagoda/monastery in Hue

A monk in the monastery wearing the traditional gear whilst whipper snipping...


I caught this boat for a trip down the Perfume river

Houseboats on the Perfume River

A fishing village on the river

As I wrote my entry yesterday I included a sentence about an unusual itchy rash that had appeared on my arm, but then I thought it was irrelevant so deleted it. I took an antihistamine, put some stuff on it and figured it would be gone in the morning so no point mentioning it. This morning it was still there when I set off on a tour of Hue and surrounds; a few tombs, a pagoda and then a cruise down the Perfume River. As the day wore on I noticed the spots were spreading at an alarming rate all over my limbs and I had a mad urge to scratch furiously like an ape. Then it dawned on me...this could be chicken pox.

I went to the doctor after the tour and then to the pharmacy and my fears were confirmed; I have chicken pox. I can't believe it my bad luck! Not only do adults hardly ever get chicken pox but I've had it before as a child AND when my room mate had it when I was in Europe in 2006 I didn't even catch it from her. I feel a little ripped off.

However, on the bright side, other than feeling like I want to rip my skin off I feel perfectly fine and am not sick at all so I can carry on as usual. It's just that I look like a diseased freak. Although no spots on my face as yet thankfully! Apparently I have been contagious for days already and will be until the spots scab over (so gross) but I have a bus booked to head to Hoi An tomorrow so I will just head there and isolate myself for a few days.

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