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Leaving Indio-storm clouds stop on top the mtn!

San Manuel Mission Indian Complex




Tasty lunch

Convent for Sisters of ???


Natural landmark

We are ascending from the valley below

Lake Arrowhead

The road we traveled to Lake Arrowhead

San Bernardino is a city born of the ocean. While the city sits in the valley, the San Bernardino National Forest surrounds it. The Indians are the original settlers,led by the spirit sign of the arrow. The arrow face is made up of quartz with sage bushes strategically outlining it. It is completely natural. Soon after pioneers, gold seekers(one of the largest gold finds in southern California), Mormons, missionaries, etc. We had lunch at a restaurant called Claim Jumper-an upscale gold mining operation as the decorative style. You should have seen the desert display! I have never seen desert serving sizes this large. Oh, I wish I hadn't ordered lunch,just desert! We headed on up the mountain side after lunch. At the top of the San Bernardino NF lies two natural lakes, known as the Swiss Alps of Southern Cal. Each lake has a completely self sustaining village made up of businesses any city would need for survival including a school system. This ride was a breathtaking, panoramic view of the valley below. I read it has an annual snow fall of 125 inches!! We picked up a loaf of Irish Soda Bread while there. When we come into a new area, one of the first places we go is the visitor's center. Otherwise, left to our own resources, we manage to tour the least scenic parts of a town. The folks were welcoming even having a "Wags and Whiskers" learning center. The purpose is to teach families how to be responsible pet owners. Disclaimer: It is not my intent to be critical of the host state; however,........ 1. Senior speed limit is 80-regardless of posted speed. 2. Under 65 speed limit is 80-110 regardless of posted speed. 3. Town speed limits are 50mph as opposed to the more traditional 35mph. 4. Changing lanes follows no particular guide line...four lanes of same direction traffic can change from far left to far right on a whim and vice verse; passing on the right shoulder is acceptable. 5. Every road is a freeway. 6. Grocery carts are "driven" at a rate greater than normal. 7. Stylish dressing is a priority even for the elderly(our jeans had us escorted to the saloon at Claim Jumper restaurant. 8. In order to blend in my hair needs a brilliant, contrasting color. I only hope those who know me will detect my warped sense of humor in the above listing! The Sisters of ???(apology) came from Texas to help start the local hospital. The older buildings of the complex were quite lovely. They are known for their superior orthopedic surgery. Tomorrow traveling will take us north to the town of Mohave. Stay tuned....

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