2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

the Arthur Ravenal Bridge

over the Cooper River

8 lanes and 2 bike lanes

she's a beauty!

Highway 17 north from Charleston

and now you know where Buck Hall is - but not why...

the Intra-coastal at high tide - looking south

looking north

and straight across - Bull Bay is out there somewhere

private homes along the waterway

a nice park

geezer fishermen - the fish must be scared out of their wits!

squirrels here have white tummies

a peaceful place to spend the night

view of the Intra-coastal from our campsite

the sky is getting dark

antenna up to watch Dancing With the Stars!

Storm Warning on the Intracoastal - Monday, May 5, 2008

We had planned to leave the Charleston area Sunday, but our mail was being forwarded and hadn’t arrived by Saturday, necessitating another day’s stay. The mail came UPS late Monday morning, so we broke camp and got on our way by 1:00 PM.

We took Highway 17 and headed for the Arthur Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River. Our destination is undecided at this time, but it is somewhere between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. North of the bridge we stayed on Highway 17 and after a few miles of congestion we emerged onto a four lane highway with light traffic through some pretty wooded countryside.

The sky is threatening today and the east and Midwest have been having some violent storms, so it’s a little stressful. But there’s not much to do but keep going and see what develops. Madolyn spotted a National Forest campground not far up the road, and we decided to check it out. It is the Buck Hall campground in the Francis Marion National Forest, and as soon as we saw it we decided to stop and stay for the night. We only got 45 miles up the road, but we have mail and logging to do and this is a quiet place to relax and do it. Besides, our geezer pass gets us in for ten bucks (half price) and with electric hookups that’s a deal!

The campground sits right on the Intra-coastal Waterway. When I first walked down to check it out the stream was so puny I couldn’t believe this was really the Intra-coastal. But when the tide came in the channel got wider and at least four feet deeper. They say if you have a boat that draws ten feet or less, you can travel the Intra-coastal from Boston Mass. to Miami Fl. without ever going out into the ocean! The agency that manages it is charged with keeping it 12 feet deep, but admits it sometimes gets down to 7 feet.

On our walk we met David and Lucien, a friendly couple from the San Fernando Valley in California. It was good to touch bases and compare notes with someone from the west. They’ve been on the road for over a year, and they have the same jaundiced view of the south and ‘middle America’ that I do. We had some good laughs before it was over.

Good TV reception here but the news was all about the violent storm warnings. And with those warnings there were also a mention of hail, but by midnight the big thunderstorm had turned south and hit North Charleston, so all we got were some light sprinkles.

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