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grape vineyards

grape vineyards

grape vineyards

Look mom, cows in them there hills!

more cows

more vineyards

We left at 930 am and heade down Hwy 101 (didn't I say stay away from this Hwy before?).

We went from strawberry fields to grape vine fields to romain lettuce fields on our drive.

I know we said we would not do a long day again after going to Pt Mugu (400+ miles) but we did it again! Over 400 miles, with no place to pull over, no rest stops or truck stops along the way, we mde it to Fairfield, CA. We are currently on Travis AFB.

Fairfield is halway between Sacromento (sp) and San Fransico on Hwy 80 I think.

We arrived at dark and found out real quick to stay off the grass. The park attendant will assist us in getting our rig in and out because the golden rule is stay off the grass.

Time to rest over the weekend, check on flights to Hawaii on Monday.

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