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campground lake

another view

flamingo golf cart


shuffle board courts

fishing pier

It would have been great to stay at Lazy Days a bit longer eating all that free food, but the campground is popular for obvious reasons and we were lucky to get in at all. After being evicted we drove less than fifty miles south to another Encore campground. Again, it sounded similar to the one we stayed at in Texas, but does not have nearly as many activities. It is only about one third the size and offers a lot when we consider that factor. The rich folk are camped on the water, which is an inlet formed by the Manatee River. We riff raff are parked near the highway and suffer from the continuous traffic noise. The river is rich with animal life. Water birds are on the prowl for dinner and if you watch closely, you can see turtle noses poking above the water's surface every so often. If we had a boat, we could put it in here and sail right out into the gulf. But our real goal here is to find a friend with a boat. You can only manage so much stuff.

Stuff management is another of our goals here. Since our motor home is a few years old, it does not boast the latest in technology. Ken has many improvements he'd like to make, but he always runs into the troublesome wife who asks where he's going to put all those wires. Today we dismantled the track for our front window curtains and some of the dash board and got the wires for the XM radio and the TV antenna hidden. And it all works! There's much more to do, but the less wires we have draped across the floor, the happier I am.

Exhausted by our labors, we put the tool kit away and headed for the beach. It was warm and humid, warm enough to run the A/C. But near the coast we entered a fog bank and it got much cooler. This reminded us why we have been disappointed by the weather many times when camped right on the coast. Luckily, as the drive continued, the fog broke and we had some great views of fishing piers and vacation homes.

The drive ended in Sarasota where we had a great home cooked meal with neighbors from home who own a condo here. It was fun to see them in a different setting and catch up on news from the frozen north. Sarasota appears to be a tony community with fancy stores, lavish golf courses, and posh hotels. No wonder we couldn't find a campground within Sarasota proper. We'll have to stuff our wallets full and head back for another look in daylight.

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